Mr Robot Season 2 Finale Recap

What Is Joanna’s Big Plan?

In the finale it is revealed that E Corp CTO Scott Knowles was the one leading Tyrell’s wide Joanna on all this time, calling her and sending her gifts. But now she has plans to frame him, and Esmail lays it all out:

“The line in the last episode about of all the gifts, this is the greatest gift he’s ever given us, that was an allusion to this is the plan she’s enacting. It’s essentially a frame up job to get Tyrell off the hook for the murder. Scott fell right into her trap.”

Also remember that Elliot tells Tyrell that his wife Joanna is looking for him. Will we see the couple reunite in season 3?Esmail teases “Potentially.”

mr. robot season 2 post-credits scene

The Post Credits Scene

This season’s post-credits scene focuses on the F Society foot soldiers: Mobley and Trenton, who have relocated to the West Hollywood coast and are now working at a Fry’s Electronics. We see them get approached by Leon, who we know works as an agent of the dark army. Why did they decide to end the season with this scene? Esmail says they wanted to answer the mystery about where Mobley and Trenton went off to and also they are “setting up another dynamic in this whole web we’ve created, which is, there may be a solution all of this.”

“There may be a solution to reverting the hack. Whether or not that’s even relevant to anyone anymore, and whether or not anyone even wants that at this point, is up for debate. But to add that into the mix — what if you can fix the thing that we started — is something we felt would be an interesting dynamic for season three. The other side of this is that this whole show has been about these guys who really wanted to change society, to revolution society, and of course they didn’t think everything through. They acted more on impulse and were a little bit naive in that decision-making. We saw in the second season that this isn’t exactly what they were expecting, that we were in the hangover of this. Now we have those same two revolutionaries saying, “Let’s put this all back together.” It brings up this very interesting question: Once you break something, is there a way to go back? Or have you done something too drastic that it’s irrevocably changed? That there is no turning back? That’s a question we were interested in exploring moving forward.

As for Leon’s plan, Esmail tells Variety that his “intentions remain to be seen” but promises that “we’ll definitely get into it in the third season.”

mr. robot

Mr. Robot Season 3 Will Be Return of the Jedi

What other clues do we have for what we can expect in the third season? Esmail says that while the second season was darker and more isolated like Empire Strikes Back, we should expect season three to emulate Return of the Jedi and we’ll see a “new Elliot come into fruition in the next season.”

Sam has also srevealed that he is now shooting for a five-season arc for Mr. Robot, up from his previous plan of four. So we haven’t yet hit the midpoint twist yet.

mr. robot and tyrell

Debunking Potential Conspiracy Theories

Along the way, Sam Esmail provided some clarifications which might debunk your crazy conspiracy theories:

  • We learned that Romero was struck by a stray bullet in his backyard and Esmail says that its safe to say we can take this bit of information at face value: “There’s a little nugget of information in the first season where Romero complains about the kids in his neighborhood. He doesn’t live in the best neighborhood.”
  • If you think that Elliot and Tyrell’s relationship may stretch further than we have seen, that’s not the case. Esmail confirms that we saw when Elliot and Tyrell first met in the pilot.

This should put some crazy conspiracy theories to rest before they pop up for next season.

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