Movies Coming to Netflix In September 2018

Rejoice! Summer is almost over! Time for cooler weather, and, as usual, new titles on Netflix. September brings even more Netflix originals, but there’s plenty of other titles as well. Next month you can catch Black Panther, The WitchUnforgivenBoJack Horseman Season 5, and more.

Check out the best new TV shows and movies coming to Netflix in September 2018.

Movies Coming to Netflix in September 2018


Black Panther

There’s a movie hitting Netflix next month that you might have heard of! It’s from this small indie studio, Marvel, and it’s called Black Panther. But seriously, folks – Marvel has produced a lot of movies (I think the current count is 4000?), but Black Panther is definitely one of their best. Some of the effects work is a bit wonky, and there’s a few origin story growing pains here and there. But overall, Ryan Coogler’s superhero film has more heart and brains that most superhero movies. Chadwick Boseman is very good as the lead, but it’s the supporting cast – particularly Michael B. Jordan as Killmonger, one of the MCU’s best villains – that really makes this film so special. Black Panther ended up being so damn good that it actually eclipsed Avengers: Infinity War, which almost everyone originally thought was going to be the year’s most talked-about Marvel movie. I honestly believe that in the years to come, Infinity War will be something of a distant memory, while Black Panther continues to be raved about.


The Witch 

Robert Eggers came seemingly out of nowhere and, with his directorial debut, delivered one of the best horror movies of the last two decades. A creepy, authentic “New England folktale”, The Witch follows a 1600s family who move to the edge of the deep, dark woods. Bad luck befalls them almost immediately. Is there something supernatural afoot? Is it all hysterical mania? And what is the deal with Black Philip, the family’s very large, very photogenic goat? The Witch eschews traditional modern-horror trappings for dread and atmosphere, and it works to amazing effect.




Clint Eastwood has directed a lot of movies. Some good, some bad, some…fine. But the absolute best is Unforgiven, his 1992 revisionist Western. Eastwood flips his classic Man With No Name character into a beaten-down sad-sack who gets drawn into a job to take down a group of cowboys who attacked a prostitute. This set-up could’ve resulted in a traditional Western, but Unforgiven is much more somber, much more introspective. Eastwood is quite good as the washed-up gunslinger, but the film really belongs to Gene Hackman, playing a violent, brutal lawman who thinks he’s the good guy, when he’s really not.


the river wild

The River Wild

The River Wild might be the most un-Meryl Streep movie Meryl Streep ever starred in. It’s a mid-budget thriller, the type of which Hollywood doesn’t really make anymore, in which Streep and her family are taken hostage during a white-water rafting vacation. Kevin Bacon plays the leader of the hostage-takers, and he’s forcing expert white-water rafter Streep to get him up the river. It sounds silly, but the movie is genuinely thrilling, with stellar direction from the late, great Curtis Hanson.


BoJack Season 5 image

BoJack Horseman: Season 5

BoJack Horseman is one of Netflix’s best original shows. It’s somehow both a hilarious series about anthropomorphic animal-people living and working Hollywood, and a brilliant mediation on depression and mental illness. The show has only gotten better since its inception, growing increasingly dark in the process. And while I’m embargoed from giving a full review of the 5th season at this time, I can confirm that it does not disappoint.

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