mile 22 set visit

It’s a hot day in Bogotá, Columbia, and Peter Berg is throwing jabs at the air. From a distance, it looks like the filmmaker and Wild Card West Boxing Club co-owner is amping himself up before filming two explosions and more pieces of an action scene for his upcoming movie, Mile 22. The Friday Night Lights and The Rundown director appears ready to conquer the day, which is packed with explosions, drones, actors playing dead, and the extraordinary Iko Uwais (The Raid) busting some heads.

Below, check out our Mile 22 set visit report.

Mile 22 set visit

Only 18 Miles Left to Go

Crowds are watching as Berg & Co. put on a show at Centro International de Bogotá. Anyone in the city who witnesses either one of the two explosions is catching quite a sight (and maybe a fright). What they don’t see, however, is Mark Wahlberg as Jimmy Silva. The actor isn’t present on this day of filming, when Silva and his team are ambushed by a team of killers sent by the big bad of the film, Axel (Sam Medina), a man who wants what Li Noor (Iko Uwais) knows: the location of nine pounds of radioactive isotope. The corrupt low-level cop’s intel is valuable enough for Silva and the rest of CIA’s super secret Overwatch division (based on Ground Branch) to try to get him out of an unspecified city in Southeast Asia, where the story is set – not Bogotá.

Silva’s team – Sam Snow (Ronda Rousey), Alice (Lauren Cohan), and Douglas (Carlo Alban) – are only four miles into the journey and they’re already taking heavy fire. There are motorcycles and slain gunman surrounding one of their vehicles, and some of the men are playing dead very convincingly. Berg and others describe the pace of the movie as aggressive, so things only escalate after the attack.

Light-hearted fun Mile 22 is not. With the mission at hand, Silva’s crack team aren’t always cracking jokes and dropping one-liners, and neither are they always protecting one another. Berg describes a team that sounds a little more unique than a team that sticks together until the end: “It’s kind of every man for himself in this movie. Different types of camaraderie. Mission comes first.” While Overwatch may leave a man or woman behind to continue the mission, Cohan still thinks the story has “a lot of emotion and a lot of heart, and a lot of really cool fighting.”

Mile 22 picks up running, too, without a whole lot of setup and exposition to tell audiences all about Jimmy Silva’s team. Screenwriters Lea Carpenter and Graham Roland‘s (Amazon’s Jack Ryan) story is light on backstory. “It’s not an origin story or anything like that,” Rousey says. “You’re thrown into the middle of it and you get to know the characters as you go along, so it’s not like you get an introduction and then the movie starts. The movie starts and then you start to really figure out who these people are depending on how they react to different situations.”

Mile 22 set visit

Ronda Rousey on the History of Mile 22

The former MMA fighter was originally going to play the lead role in Mile 22. In 2015, it was announced Rousey and The Raid star were going to break a whole lot of bones together in an earlier iteration of the project. After Mile 22 took some time to get going and Wahlberg read the script, however, the story changed and Wahlberg became the leader of a more team-oriented story.

Rousey explained how the project, which she honestly never thought would get made, evolved since its beginning:

“I think Pete [Berg] was doing some sort of martial arts movie, where he was helping somebody out and he wanted to make a real modern martial arts film [called Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny]. So he was going to produce something with me and Iko Uwais. It started with a whole different script. It didn’t really work out. Then the script started from scratch for Mile 22. It originally was me and Iko, and I had to help him move twenty-two miles. It was kind of like The Raid, where they had to fight through one big building. We had to fight from one mile to the last. Then Mark [Wahlberg] became interested in the role of Silva, which was originally my mentor who betrayed me and we had a big showdown. But once a big star like Mark signed on, Pete decided he wanted to direct and he rewrote the whole thing. It’s a completely different movie then it was when we originally put it together. The only similarity now is the title. So Pete rewrote the entire script so [it wouldn’t be] pigeonholed as a martial arts movie, so [it would be] commercially viable for any audience.”

If there’s a director who could capture Rousey’s intensity on film well, it’s Berg. The fighter has acted in a few projects, like The Expendables 3 and the Entourage movie, but Mile 22 lets her flex new acting muscles. “Ronda does barely any fighting in this movie, and we just get a chance to see what an amazing actress she is,” Cohan says of her performance. “Yet all the things that I think make her incredibly lovable, which is her perseverance and her strength and the fact that she never gives up and pushes, and pushes, and pushes, so, so informs this character.” Berg split Mile 22‘s original female lead into the two roles played by Rousey and Cohan, whose characters have a close bond in the movie.

Mile 22 set visit

Mark Wahlberg Ain’t Got Time to Cry 

While Wahlberg is most famous for his escapist entertainment, he’s yet to do a popcorn movie with Berg. The two have made some heavy dramas based on true stories – Lone SurvivorDeepwater Horizon, and Patriot’s Day – but there’s less pressure for their fourth collaboration, according to Wahlberg (who did a phone interview after the set visit with Empire Magazine):

“He started talking to me about playing this particular role, and you know, it was going to be kind of a smaller role in the film, then it turned into the lead. I think for both of us the idea was to get away from the true stories and just have some fun. Do something that’s character-driven and really smart, but also be able to have some fun. Not have to deal with a real-life tragedy and all the stuff that goes along with that – the survivors and victims and families and stuff like that.”

While Wahlberg previously delivered some of his most understated performances with Berg, he’s playing “a very unapologetic, in-your-face guy, who likes to talk” in Mile 22. The Boogie Nights and I Heart Huckabees star isn’t playing a brooding anti-hero; his performance is inspired a little by Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive. “He’s a guy who plays by his own rules and doesn’t really answer to anybody,” the actor adds.

Wahlberg sees Jimmy Silva as a potentially career-defining role. When it comes to his action movies, Wahlberg has yet to play an unforgettable action hero, a John McClane or John Wick who you want to follow in a trilogy. Working again with Berg, who does make consistently strong work with the actor, maybe at the very least we’ll see Wahlberg play an action hero with a little more meat on the bones than usual.

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