Lost and Girlfight star Michelle Rodriguez has been sentenced to 180 days in Los Angeles County Jail after admitting to violating her probation from several DUI-related charges. I know you’re probably thinking to yourself “Who cares.” And normally you’d probably be right on, but this might seriously effect James Cameron’s follow-up to Titanic.

As you may recall, Rodriguez was cast as ex-Marine pilot Trudy Chacon in Cameron’s upcoming 3D sci-fi epic film Avatar. She is now required to begin her sentence by late December, but who knows what Rodriguez’s shooting schedule looks like. I know that most of the live-action segments have already been filmed, but that doesn’t mean that she’s finished on the project. And Cameron is a director who likes to tinker, so you never know if a re-shoot may be required.

Avatar is scheduled to hit theaters in May 22nd 2009.

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