Michael Madsen in Sin City

Update: Frank Miller says Sin City 2 DELAYED, but Not DEAD

Michael Madsen has never been one to keep quiet. I’m pretty sure the actor is the one who is single handily responsible for most of the Inglorious Bastards over the past few years. Well now Madsen has told Premiere that he Sin City 2 might have been canned due to Grindhouse‘s poor box office performance.

“They haven’t shot it [Sin City 2] yet. I don’t know if they ever will. I am not sure [about] the franchise. I think the Grindhouse thing didn’t kind of work out as well as they had hoped. Certainly not in the States,” said Madsen. “I don’t know what effect that is going to have on making Sin City 2. Sin City was Mickey [Rourke]’s film. Mickey is f**king incredible in that f**king movie. He is the movie. And I am happy for Mickey. Mickey is the real deal. Mickey is Mickey. And you can’t f**k with that. And he did a tremendous job in that thing. The only reason I did it was because Robert Rodriguez said that if I took that little part I would get a bigger role in the sequel, that Bob would have more to do in the sequel. So I said: “Okay, fine.” I am sitting on an apple box [in front of a green screen] and then when you see the movie, you’re in a car. I don’t understand it. I don’t know how to do that. I don’t get it.”

Usually I would blow off Madsen’s comments as nothing more than misplaced speculation but last we heard, Sin City 2 was scheduled to start shooting next month (June). Could it be possible that one of the film’s main actors hasn’t been told about a shoot less than a month before cameras roll? Sounds a little fishy. Also, it would be ridiculous to cancel Sin City 2 because of Grindhouse‘s failure. Grindhouse failed due to bad marketing and a horrible release date. Sin City made some money and then some, so it would be stupid to think that a sequel would also not do well. Plus, a few months back wasn’t Frank Miller’s 300 the biggest thing in Hollywood? Short attention spans…

Update: Frank Miller says Sin City 2 DELAYED, but Not DEAD 

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