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There are adults too!

That kind of familiar but still off feeling makes sense in a movie like this where the characters are quickly being introduced to this crazy new world after being locked in a glade for so long. Everything is new to them, including new characters played by Aidan Gillen, Lili Taylor and Barry Pepper. Most of them weren’t on set this day but two were around: Jorge, played by Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad), and Blondie, played by Alan Tudyk.

Tudyk was actually only on set two days, and came in to chat with a huge fake shiner on his face, wearing a purple velvet blazer with lots of chest hair exposed underneath. He explained how doing a small role like this was so much fun and how he could bring a whole new energy to it. “It’s neat to jump into a world and get to play for a couple of days and then I’ll go home and 2 or 3 days will go by and I’ll go, ‘Wow, was I just in New Mexico? That’s weird. I have pictures of me with my face beaten up,’ it’s wild,” he said.

That energy on display in the next shot we saw. It’s the next morning. The mansion is empty, but totally wrecked with clothes and debris everywhere. Blondie is tied up and the Gladers have found Thomas. He tries to figure out what happened while Jorge beats up Blondie hoping to find out the location of the Right Arm — a semi-spoilery group in the world. It’s a pretty important narrative scene, is being shot with two cameras and includes almost all of the main cast members. Even so, what stands out is the look. Ball has made the whole thing feel burnt, from the lighting to the misty air.

“We’re just trying to make something interesting and kind of creepy, but sexual in some strange way,” he said. “And, you know, a little bit more kind of fitting with this the vibe of the movie in general. A little bit more mature and sophisticated, growing up a little bit with these kids. Doing something that hopefully we haven’t quite seen before.”

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Five Movies in One

In the realm of sequels, and especially YA sequels, that is for sure. There’s so much more to iThe Scorch Trials than just what we saw on day 36. Huge vistas, multiple villains, and then maybe a third movie. “There’s like five movies, almost, in one,” O’Brien said. “It’s really cool.” And, if The Maze Runner itself was any indication, there’s a good chance all of those will work well. “It’s not a blockbuster YA, it’s own thing,” said Salazar. “But it’s also a film and can stand on its own. That’s what I said about the first Maze Runner. It can stand on its own as a sci-fi film. A really really great sci-fi film.”

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