An umbrella won’t help. Hot off the $100 million opening of Iron Man (nice job Steve!), the ever powerful Marvel Studios opened its war chest up today, revealing the company’s in-house feature roll out through 2011. Here’s what it looks like…



April 30th: Iron Man 2

June 4th: Thor (directed by Matthew Vaughn)


May 6th: The First Avenger: Captain America

July (day N/A): The Avengers

So, two Avengers films in 2011, eh? Unprecedented. DC’s Justice League is bummed. In addition to the line-up above, Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man is still in the planning stages at the studio, and obviously June brings us The Incredible Hulk, followed by Punisher: War Zone in December. Sure, you could say today marks a new dawn for the superhero movie. It’s a shame that Fav doesn’t have an uncensored Twitter.

Discuss: Which of these Marvel films are you anticipating the most? Or, uh oh, are you over it? What do you think about two Avengers flicks in 2011?

via Yahoo! Finance

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