7 Theories About What Really Happened to Teresa Halbach

PopSugar presents a compilation of 7 theories of what might have really happened to Teresa Halbach.

  1. “The German”: A man who visited a property near the Avery compound on the day and supposedly had “scratches on his back and a cut finger that bled intermittently.”His wife reported that she found “bloody women’s panties, fresh bones, a can of lighter fluid with bloody fingerprints, a mason’s hammer covered in dark red flecks, graphic pornographic magazines, and surgical gloves” to the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Department.
  2. Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey’s family members, most notably Bobby Dassey, who had fresh scratches on his back days after the murder, and his father, Scott Tadych, who corroborated one another’s alibis and were vocally anti-Steve throughout the entire case.
  3. Officer Colburn and Lieutenant Lenk are the subject of many fan theories for the obvious reasons presented in the series.
  4. Ryan Hillegas: Teresa’s ex-boyfriend who is shown leading a search party, being questioned as a witness in Steven’s trial, and speaking to the media, is the subject of a lot of theories.
  5. Teresa’s possible suicide: Some people believe that Teresa Halbach may have taken her own life, led by the cryptic video messages about “If I were to die” and her status as “Missing Endangered”.
  6. An Unknown Stalker: It was briefly mentioned by one of Teresa’s colleagues that she was intentionally avoiding calls and saying things like “Not him again.” Some people think the man could be Avery or the ex-boyfriend, but what is it was an unknown stalker who exploited the Sheriff’s Department’s dislike for Avery by framing him and leaving evidence to be planted by Officer Colburn?
  7. Steven Avery: Many people still believe he may have been the murderer, but even those people think that because of the lack of evidence and obvious bias that influenced the case, he should not have been convicted due to “reasonable doubt.”

The article presents these theories in much larger depth, so head over to PopSugar to dive in.


Hacker Group Claims They Will Release New Information That Proves Cops Planted Evidence

While the viewers of the series have taken to the internet to theorize about what really happened, the series has also apparently attracted the attention of notorious hacker group Anonymous. According to Business Insider, two individual accounts on Twitter that are believed to be owned by members of the hacker group have posted an image of Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Department Sargent Andrew Colborn during the trial, alongside a claim from Anonymous that an evidence list and telephone records between Colborn and his presumed accomplice, Lieutenant James Lenk, will be released on Tuesday. See the two Tweets below:

Allegedly the evidence that Anonymous claims to have will prove that Colborn and Lenk had a hand in planting evidence in both the 1984 and 2005 cases against Avery. It would be interesting to see if such evidence is produced and if anything happens as a result of it.


Online Petitions Demand President Obama Free Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey

As for the injustice, tons of viewers of the series have taken to the internet to demand action. Petitions have popped up on both and calling on President Obama to pardon Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey from their convictions for the murder of Teresa Halbach. The White House petition, which needs 100,000 signatures for Obama’s administration to address it, only has 3,500 at this time. The petition on has attracted over 43,000 supporters, and will likely reach the 50,000 required by the site soon.

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