Netflix bug

It’s a favorite complaint of cinephiles that there just don’t seem to be any original ideas left in Hollywood anymore. But Netflix, it seems, has plenty to spare. Or at least a bug within the service’s works does.

A glitch has led the system to combine synopses of completely separate movies, leading to delightfully bizarre mash-up summaries like “A reprogrammed Terminator arrives from the future to protect young John Connor from a relentless shape-shifting cyborg gumball machine.” How’s that for an unexpected plot twist? Read some of the bug’s greatest hits after the jump.

The Netflix glitch started getting widespread attention when one Bob Lannon tweeted a photo of a weird synopsis he’d come across.

From there, he launched a whole Twitter account, @SummaryBug, devoted to finding the best in inaccurate plot summaries. Some are disturbing, many are surreal, and a few are downright poetic. Here are some of our favorites in no particular order:

Of course, in this post-“Twerk Fail” era, it’s hard not to wonder if the wonderful Netflix bug is just another publicity stunt. But for what it’s worth, the company has assured Slate that the error is real. “Indeed this bug has given us a few chuckles, too,” said a rep. “We are looking to fix it as soon as we can, though. We have confirmed the issue, it happens rarely, and are working on a solution.”

And sadly for us, it seems they’ve found one.

But the fun doesn’t have to end there, does it? I’m dying to see which filmmaker wants the dubious distinction of making the first-ever movie based on a Netflix glitch. I’ll contribute to the inevitable Kickstarter, too. Because as promising as Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs biopic sounds, the version that ends with Steve going off to be an alien is way better.

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