Legend of Zelda Ganon


Note: Ganon is the bad guy in most Legend of Zelda games, but he’s not necessarily in them a lot. So for this one, I picked actors who could be that larger, imposing, scary presence, and also probably wouldn’t have a problem appearing on a Netflix TV show. With an exception or two of course.

Paul Giamatti

Paul Giamatti

Paul Giamatti is an Oscar-nominated actor who certainly doesn’t have to do a video game TV show. But he tried to be a supervillain in The Amazing Spider-Man series and with that not looking so good at the moment, he’d make a terrifying version of the dark lord.

Michael Shannon Man of Steel

Michael Shannon

Can I just copy and paste what I just wrote? Shannon is also an Oscar nominated actor coming off a turn as a big screen super villain. However, he’s just perfect for this role. He’s got the stature, he’s got the jawline and he’s got the total intensity. It would almost certainly never happen but, if it did? Wow.

Dave Bautista shooting Spectre

Dave Bautista

I’m going to say “Dave Bautista” here because, I mean, he’d be perfect. However, he’ll be coming off one, maybe even two big screen villain roles by the time this show potentially gets rolling and if those work out, he’s not stepping back. Again, this is dream casting though so we’re going to say him, but we’re also going to do kind of a blanket “Insert Wrestler here” as well.


Michael Madsen

Madsen is one of the scariest, honest and underutilized actors out there today. For some reason, the Tarantino main-stay doesn’t get many big screen rolls anymore. So maybe a role with some makeup and trying to destroy the world – which he’d be amazing at – could reignite his popularity.

Nick Frost

Nick Frost

We all know Nick Frost for his comedy but I think he’s got some scary in him. He’s definitely got a big presence to bring to this role and if he threw in a little humor here and there? Well, the show would be better for it. It is supposed to be family friendly after all.

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