Lyta somehow becomes a killing machine

This development comes out of nowhere, since we’ve only seen Lyta get beat handedly by her mother. But she gets her strength from her will to save her true love Seg from her mother’s plan to basically commit genocide on the Rankless because the terrorist group Black Zero are hiding in their midst.

Interestingly enough, she also gets her strength from the man she’s supposed to be getting married to, fellow soldier Dev-Em, who tells her that she has always been a warrior, even when she and her mother couldn’t see it. If only Dev knew as to why Lyta was challenging their superior for the title of Commander in the first place.

Again, characters are all over the place. Not only is Lyta inexplicably a cold-blooded killer, but her mom Jayna seems to conveniently not know Lyta is in love with Seg whenever it suits the plot. Like, she had to be able to figure this out, right? She’s a general and Lyta’s mom, for Pete’s sake. Mothers know things, especially one as hands-on as Jayna. You can’t stab your daughter in the hand and not know they’re dating a disgraced Rankless member of the House of El.

In any event, Lyta kills her commander, takes his spot, and is able to keep the Rankless from getting killed. But if her plan is to keep Seg safe, why didn’t she concentrate just as much attention on the House of Vex, which Seg is supposed to get married into in order to restore his rank? If Seg becomes a Vex or an El or whatever, he won’t be among the Rankless anymore. So even though it’s great that innocent lives are now saved, now what’s Lyta’s big plan?

So, is the show getting better?

We’ve come back to this question. My answer is that I’d surely love for this show to get better. I’m holding out hope that perhaps, once Brainiac shows up, Krypton will finally start cooking with gas. I can definitely see the potential a show like Krypton has – it has the chops of being a well thought-out, admirably cheesy, entertaining show. Some of the best sci-fi and fantasy shows are the ones that don’t take themselves too seriously, even when they have a serious message. But Krypton just needs to get out of its own way in order to be great.

Maybe the appearance of Brainiac will finally take this show away from its attempts at being Game of Thrones in Space and force it to become a show where characters must come together to defeat evil. If there was some sort of team unity amongst the characters of Krypton instead of all of this annoying focus on guilds and houses and the like, we might be able to get somewhere. In Watchmen, a huge squid was what it took for disparate superheroes and world leaders to come together. Perhaps what Krypton needs is a huge green monster for the guilds to get their heads out of their butts and realize that perhaps the world, and indeed the universe, is bigger than them and their petty bougieness.

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