Kevin Smith’s Top 10 Movies of 2006

The Departed

Everyone and their mother has posted their Top 10 Movies of 2006. Add writer/director Kevin Smith to that elongated list. While the director has only seen 85 of the 300 or so big releases of 2006, his list looks much like everyone else’s.

  1. THE DEPARTED: The One Everybody Else Liked Too
  2. LITTLE CHILDREN: The One That Would’ve Won Best Picture If Harvey Weinstein Had Released It Four Years Ago, Circa Miramax
  3. HALF NELSON: The One That Made Me Ashamed I Was Ever Identified as an Independent Filmmaker, Because This is Real Independent Film
  4. CLERKS II: The One I’ll Take Shit For, Pt. 1
  5. INSIDE MAN: The One Nobody Else Seems to Remember
  6. V FOR VENDETTA: The One I’ll Take Shit For, Pt. 2
  7. THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND: The One That Made Me Never Want to Travel Abroad
  8. UNITED 93: The One That Made Me Never Want to Fly Again
  9. PERFUME: The One That Made Me Say “What the fuck is going on?!?”
  10. BORAT: The One That Actually Lived Up to Its Hype

You can see Smith’s full list complete with extensive comments and honorable mentions at

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