Kevin Smith has completed a first cut of his upcoming independently produced horror film Red State, and screened the film for the cast and crew at the Wrap Party. This is an extremely unusual occurrence, but Smith has been editing while he shoots and the movie doesn’t require a lot of post work. Smith tweeted the following bit:

Tonight’s historic: at our RED STATE wrap party, the cast/crew will watch the flick from end-to-end, edited: 92 mins, 98 w/credits. #Cutter

So with a first cut in hand, when can you expect to see the film?

Smith told us at a press event we attended earlier this month that his goal is to submit the film to the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, which will happen this January in Park City Utah. The plan is to go in without a distributor and “from there, we’ll see the lay of the land.” Smith has even hinted that they might explore some kind of next generation distribution, which I assume might be a combination of video on demand and a national self-distribution screening tour. Smith was also very clear that he was able to raise the funding for the film through independent means because the investors know he will earn back the budget on DVD/Blu-Ray alone. So yes, we can also expect a home video release eventually.

Michael Parks (Kill Bill Volume 2) plays the lead character Abin Cooper,  a preacher loosely based on Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church. The film also stars Kyle Gallner, Melissa Leo, Michael Angarano, Stephen Root, John Goodman and Kevin Pollak.

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