Justice League

During Comic-Con, Warner Bros. Pictures brought some superhero action into Hall H with a brand new trailer for Justice League, introducing the world to the villain called Steppenwolf, who both walks tall and carries a big stick, or rather an axe that appears to have the power to lay waste to the world.

As the new Justice League poster points out, you can’t save the world alone, and we certainly can’t let the new trailer go by without taking a cue from Aquaman and making a deep dive into what this footage tells us about the first big screen union of these DC Comics superheroes. So come with us as we deliver a Justice League trailer breakdown.

Justice League

The trailer opens with a series of shots showing a group of unidentified, armed individuals walking into a corporate building of some kind. Could it be a bank or something else? Either way, they’re looking for something, and they’re not beyond shooting a couple people and scaring the hell out of some schoolgirls in the process.

Justice League - Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) isn’t about to put up with that, and Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Entertainment are smart for kicking off the trailer with their most successful superhero in the DC Extended Universe. She smashes through a door and dodges a bullet.

Justice League

One of the armed men takes it upon himself to hit the butt of his rifle against the back of Wonder Woman’s head, and he’s definitely going to pay for that as Wonder Woman turns back around and dispatches with the rest of these bad guys.

Justice League - Gal Gadot

When she’s not battling armed bad guys, Diana works in art museums, as we saw in the bookends of Wonder Woman, which took place in the present day after the events of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I’m not sure how her co-worker is oblivious to Diana’s actions since she doesn’t hide her identity while taking on various criminals, but maybe he’s just not plugged into media of any kind.

Justice League

Voiceover tells us that the world is still mourning the death of Superman, further confirmed by a black flag with the Superman logo hanging on a bridge in London.

Justice League

It appears not much time has passed since the events of Batman v Superman because that Superman statue that was destroyed by Doomsday still hasn’t been cleaned up. Who is looking upon the rubble? Could it be Lois Lane still grieving after Superman has apparently been killed?

Justice League - Bat Signal

Continued voiceover about the aftermath of the death of Superman mentions a crime wave around the world now that there’s no superhero to stop them. There’s also a French voice mentioning something about Arkham Asylum, but it’s hard to make out what is being said besides the name of the institute for the criminally insane where many of Batman’s villains get locked up. Perhaps this new crime wave is why Wonder Woman is the one stopping that opening crime from being committed. In Superman’s stead, she seems to have taken back the mantle of protecting humanity after being gone for so many years. Because despite Commissioner Gordon (J.K. Simmons) shining the Bat signal in one of the shots…

Justice League - Batman

…the news voiceover also adds that the “masked vigilante has been a no-show.” Perhaps this crime wave is happening while Bruce Wayne is away looking for Aquaman. The first trailer did show Bruce far away from Gotham, so maybe Batman takes some flack for not dealing with this crime spree while Wonder Woman does her best to clean up the mess.

Justice League - Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne

This conversation between Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince about the age of heroes coming again is reused from the first trailer, but I want to call attention to this image of Bruce Wayne simply for comparison for a shot later in the trailer that feels like it could be a flashback of some kind. But we’ll get to that later.

Justice League - Themyscira

We jump to the island of Themyscira, which appears out of thin air as we get closer to what appears to be an empty area of ocean. The home of the Amazons is about to get a rude awakening.

Justice League

As we learned earlier this year, the Amazons have been protecting a Mother Box, a device of great power being sought by Steppenwolf (Ciaran Hinds). There are three in total, with another being protected by the Atlanteans and the other given to Mankind, but has since become part of the Justice League superhero Cyborg. It looks like some energy field is raining down upon the box as it activates, and that’s not all.

Justice League

Steppenwolf drops in with a superhero landing, axe in hand, breaking the ground beneath him as the Amazons look on in fear. They clearly were not expecting this.

Justice League - Jason Momoa as Aquaman

It sounds like Steppenwolf goes into monologue mode before he begins his attack on Themyscira, acknowledging that with Diana gone, this place has “no protectors.” At least Atlantis has Aquaman seen, who will have to deal with the villain himself later in the trailer.

Justice League - Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Somewhere in Metropolis or Gotham City, Diana turns around to glance at something. We’re not sure what grabs her attention, but is it the same thing that catches another superhero’s gaze?

Justice League - Ray Fisher as Cyborg

Cyborg is also seen glancing up into the sky from a broken window, and we can’t see what he’s staring at either. When we see him, we hear Steppenwolf’s voiceover continue with an interesting reference to a part of the DC Extended Universe we haven’t been formally introduced to yet. He says there are “no Lanterns” to stand in his way, which implies that he’s had to deal with the Green Lantern Corps at some point.

Justice League

Since Wayne Manor has been abandoned, Bruce Wayne has been staying in this glass house on the lake, which we’ll return to in Justice League. In fact, a key moment at the end of the trailer appears to take place in the woods surrounding the house. But we’ll get to that later.

Justice League - Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne looks at a hologram of Superman in the Batcave. He looks quite pensive, and Wayne doesn’t waste time when he’s in the Batcave, so maybe he’s figuring out something about the Kryptonian while he’s gone (which Steppenwolf acknowledges in continued voiceover). It could be as simple as coming to the conclusion that Superman can come back from the “dead”, especially considering what Alfred says at the end of the trailer. But again, we’ll get to that later.

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