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No IMAX Cameras

Christopher Nolan spurred the era of filmmakers shooting big tentpole action scenes with 70mm IMAX cameras. Nolan was a producer on the previous two Superman films and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had one of the most impressive IMAX-shot sequences in years, with almost 30 minutes of the film expanded to full screen IMAX. So I was disappointed to learn that Justice League is shooting entirely on 35mm film cameras, and will not have a sequence filmed in IMAX.

Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL

Hans Zimmer Will Not Return to Score the Film With Junkie XL

The score was one of the universally praised parts about Batman v Superman, and Junkie XL has signed on to return to score Justice League without Hans Zimmer. Deborah Snyder admits that while Zimmer is not involved in this one, Junkie XL will have access to “a lot of Hans’ music and themes.”

That Deleted Scene Was Supposed to Be an After Credits Sequence

Days after Batman V Superman hit theaters, Warner Bros released a deleted scene from the movie online (which you can watch above). Most people were confused by the release, as deleted scenes usually surface to promote the home video release of a film, not to end-cap the opening weekend. So on the set we finally got to ask Snyder about the deleted scene and the weird timing of it. Here is his answer:

That scene I guess was our way of — I kind thought like, “Oh, that would be a cool after-credits sequence.” But then I was like, “I don’t know, can I do that?” because Marvel kind of does that. “Is that a thing?” So we were like, “Oh! Well, maybe there’s another way to do it, by just having it [online]” — does that make sense?

Geoff Johns

Zack Snyder Is Working With Geoff Johns on a Mystery Project

When asked about his working relationship with DC’s creative executive Geoff Johns, Zack Snyder lets it slip that he’s working on an unannounced project with the comic book vet.

Yeah, Geoff and I have had a great working relationship, even on Batman v Superman, and on Wonder Woman we worked together really closely, and we have a project coming up that we want to do together… I can’t talk about that. His knowledge of comics is just crazy. He’s like an encyclopedia of comic books. Like I’ll be like, “Hey, is there a weird Lantern from –?” and he’ll be like, “You know…!” He’s just amazing about keeping everything in canon that I’ve not even heard of — he goes, “Yeah, it’s back!” Like we’ll look through some archive. You know, there’s DC-pedia, but he’s even crazier than that.

Before you get too excited (or angry) about another possible Zack Snyder DC comic book movie, I’ve been told that the unannounced Geoff Johns/Zack Snyder project is “not a movie.” My guess is it’s a comic book project, but who knows.

Suicide Squad

Will Justice League Feature Any Crossovers?

Will Justice League address any of the events from other films, like Suicide Squad? Could members of the Suicide Squad make an appearance in the film? Deborah Snyder won’t outright tell us:

All the films kind of fit in a timeline, but they’re independent films. You can see one and not need to see the other. They operate on their own. They all have their own tone and they deal with different characters. Yet they’re all in the same filmic universe and there is little bits of crossovers that we see. But that isn’t essential to the story.

The Fortress

We toured the conference room which is typically called “the war room” or “the board room” on most movie productions, but on this movie the filmmakers referred to it as “The Fortress.” The walls of the room are lined with concept art from the film, and this is typically where the heads of departments on a movie have their meetings.

No Sugar on Set

Snyder likes to keep the energy high on his sets. While most movie sets have craft service tables filled with anything and everything you could possibly want to snack on, Zack Snyder’s film sets are notoriously “dry sets,” which means that there is no sugar or caffeine allowed. Also, shooting in Britain means they do 10-hour rolling days with no proper lunch break.


Will We Get to See Flash, Aquaman, or Cyborg Origin Stories?

You might be wondering if we will get to see origin stories for the Flash, Aquaman, or Cyborg in this film. That is unclear. Producer Charles Roven says we will get them in due time, but maybe not in this film.

You really have to let the story develop. And, you know, you’ll get a chance at some point to get all the back story that you desire. It may not be in this movie. It might be in this movie. It might be other movies. You know, many of these characters, we’re doing standalones as well, so…

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