Jurassic TBD 19

Yet another shot of an eruption, but this one seems to be to orient the audience to the geography of the scene and let us know how much space there is between the eruption and the ocean at the end of the valley. Understanding that distance is important because…

Jurassic TBD 20

…basically the rest of the trailer is just people and dinosaurs trying to outrun lava and make it to the end of the ocean. This shot seems like a direct homage to Steven Spielberg’s Raiders of the Lost ark: Owen running toward the camera with Claire and Justice Smith looking on, mouths agape, recalls Indy escaping from the Hovitos as he yells at Jock to start the engine of the plane.

Jurassic TBD 21

After dodging a couple of smoking projectile rocks launched from the eruption, the trio of good guys (Claire, Owen, and Justice Smith’s character) take cover in front of a gyrosphere as the animals rush past them. This is another Spielberg reference, this time nodding to Dr. Grant and the kids taking cover behind that same log in the original Jurassic Park. This time, the log is shattered by a passing dinosaur, seeming to signal to the world the idea that “this ain’t your daddy’s Jurassic Park movie.”

Jurassic TBD 22

Just when they thought they were safe, a Carnotaurus shows up and looks like it’s ready for lunch. This is the first time we’ve actually seen this dino in the franchise, though some of its DNA was used to create the Indominus rex in Jurassic World.

Jurassic TBD 23

But at the last second, Rexy comes from out of nowhere and takes that sucker down. This is obviously a big moment, and for anyone worried that Universal is blowing it by showing the climactic scene in the first trailer, take solace in this tweet from writer Colin Trevorrow:

I mean, 57 minutes is still kind of a long way into the movie, but other movies have done far worse.

Jurassic TBD 24

As Goldblum soberly explains, “Life cannot be contained. Life breaks free. Life finds a way” in an on-the-nose callback to one of his most famous lines from the original movie, we see an all-out sprint to the edge of a huge cliff, with Claire and Justice inside the gyrosphere and Owen and a crap-ton of dinos making a break for it on foot all around them.

Jurassic TBD 25

One of the beasts running alongside Claire is an Allosaurus, a carnivorous dinosaur that surprisingly hasn’t appeared in the flesh in these movies yet. (The only time we’ve seen it was in the Holosphere in Jurassic World’s visitor center.) But this one gets taken out by a rock fragment launched from the volcano.

Jurassic TBD 26

Bayona seems to be making it a priority to give the audience a solid sense of geography and spatial understanding in this movie, which is a plus. Here we see just how far the drop is to the ocean.

Jurassic TBD 27

I wonder if Bayona has seen Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, because this shot of Owen being overtaken by smoke as he runs away seems very reminiscent of Ethan Hunt’s sandstorm run. And though we don’t see what happens to him, please don’t tell me Owen jumps off that cliff and survives. These movies are ridiculous, yes, but they’re not Fast & Furious films.

Jurassic TBD 28

And the last shot of the trailer is pretty cool, too. The gyrosphere (which, you’ll remember, was part of a ride in Jurassic World) hurtles off the edge of the cliff and into the ocean, while dinosaurs plunge into the water as well. Looks like a fear of lava is something that can unite wildly different species – even those separated by 65 million years.


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom blasts into theaters on June 22, 2018.

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