Jurassic TBD 10

They’re all looking at what appears to be a brontosaurus strolling past the wrecked visitor’s center. I don’t blame them. I’d stop and stare, too (just like Dr. Ellie Sattler and Dr. Alan Grant did all those years ago when they first saw one on the island.) I especially like the touch of having the clock on the right side of the frame with no hands on it – a visual metaphor for the way humans have played God and recreated these animals, almost rendering the concept of evolution (and therefore, time itself) nearly useless.

Jurassic TBD 11

“Do these animals deserve the same protections given to other species, or should they just be left to die?” wonders a politician who sounds an awful lot like Dodgeball star Rip Torn (but probably isn’t). This appears to be a Congressional investigation of some kind.

Jurassic TBD 12

And then…the reveal of the man himself: Dr. Ian Malcolm, played by the always-wonderful Jeff Goldblum, returns to the Jurassic Park saga after twenty years away. “These creatures were here before us,” he intones, “and if we’re not careful, they’re going to be here after.” Could Malcolm be the human villain this time? He’s wearing a black suit (debonair, but very ominous), his demeanor is far from the quippy guy we’ve seen previously, and he seems to be implying that the dinosaurs should all die, which goes against Claire’s mission. Hmm…

Jurassic TBD 13

This is where the pace starts to pick up. We see Owen and Claire opening up the back of a semi truck, which seems to contain Rexy, the Tyrannosaurus rex that’s served as the anti-hero of this franchise from day one. Since Jurassic World ends with that particular dinosaur roaming free in the park, it’s safe to assume it’s been tranquilized here and isn’t just taking a nap.

It’s tough to pinpoint where this scene might fall in the final movie: Claire and Owen both seem surprised to see her lying there, so is this the first time they’ve seen her in this film? If so, that means someone else tranquilized her out in the park and managed to move her into this shipping area. Then again, they could be surprised that she survived what happens at the end of this trailer, and this scene could take place some time after that. But we’ll get there in just a second.

Jurassic TBD 14

This looks like a docking port inside of a huge boat, or maybe even a massive submarine. (Remember the ending of the Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies? No? Well, this reminds me of that location.) So if Rexy and, as we see in the shot right before this, a stegosaurus, are in these containers, does that mean the Dinosaur Protection Group is tranquilizing as many dinos as possible and moving them into this sub in an attempt to get them off the island before the volcano erupts?

Jurassic TBD 15

This dino that’s menacing Claire and Justice Smith’s characters is almost certainly the Baryonyx, a dinosaur that was revealed to be in the movie through an augmented reality book last week. The lava leaking through the ceiling indicates that these characters are still on the island during this scene; barring another deus ex dino savior, I’m not quite sure how they’re going to get out of this scenario.

Jurassic TBD 16

After another shot of pteranodons flying during the eruption, we get this wide shot of our heroes sprinting past an explosion near a hangar, which evokes memories of the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular at Walt Disney World.

Jurassic TBD 17

Owen is surprised by an old friend as Blue the raptor jumps onto the top of an overturned vehicle behind him.

Jurassic TBD 18

If you look closely, you’ll notice the vehicle is the same Jurassic Park tour Explorer that nearly killed Dr. Grant and Tim when it fell down the tree and flipped over during the events of the first film.

Meanwhile, Owen and Blue do their whole How to Train Your Dragon routine, and Blue turns away and snarls at something at the last second: another dinosaur (or human) intruding on their moment, perhaps?

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