Question: Where else have you guys shot in LA? Or, where will you?

Schwartz: Let’s see, we shot in that one rando strip mall that you guys saw in the paparazzi photos. We’re heading up to Simi Valley soon, to shoot in a quarry up there. We shot at this other rando strip mall in the Valley, which is where that Blockbuster Video got built. We shot up at Shaver Lake, which is outside Fresno, and at Edwards Air Force Base, which is a couple hours away. We shot in the Lucerne Valley for some of that desert look. It’s been a lot in LA, and then a lot around LA.

Question: In the clip, we saw Carol, at one point we saw she had on her suit with a black strip on her chest, is that for CG for the symbol?

Schwartz: Suit with a black strip on her chest … oh, I think that’s just her in, like, you know, the chest plate comes on separately as a piece of the costume, so when she sits down and does interviews, it’s not the most comfortable thing in the world to sit down, so it actually comes off.

Question: Did you mention we’d be seeing Yon-Rogg in this film at all?

Schwartz: Yon-Rogg does pop up, yeah. He’s an important part of the mythology.

Question: Like you said, her powers, when you said that they’re, that she’s the most powerful, so we’ll see, like – I’m trying to think, like, the most cinematic thing we’ve seen in the universe is probably Thor, as far as showing off when he blasted all the aliens in the Avengers. Are we gonna see things that are bigger than that?

Schwartz: Yeah. Yeah.

Question: Can we expect spaceship battles?

Schwartz:  Yes. Any other requests? We got, like, twenty-five shooting days left!

Question: Time travel?

Schwartz: Time travel? Okay. Good.

Question: The trick with a character that’s that powerful is also keeping her vulnerable. Is there – did you guys put a lot of thought in how to keep her – you know, keep those kinds of stakes with her?

Schwartz: We did. And she – I wouldn’t say she’s that powerful for the entire movie, and a lot of the movie is kind of about her understanding her true power. So, it kind of becomes an issue for more the end of the movie, and more going forward than it does for this movie.

Question: You said that Nick Fury is kind of going through a slow period in his career, and then he comes across Captain Marvel. Are you able to say what his reaction is, does he see her as a threat?

Schwartz: I think he reacts very much as any of us would. First, seeing a person in a teal green Starforce outfit tell you, say, I’m an alien from another planet, and there’s Skrulls infiltrating your world! Okay. But, very quickly, he encounters the Skrulls on his own, and sort of realizes that he’s wrapped up in something much bigger than he could have ever imagined.

Question: Can you say how Carol and Nick Fury’s relationship compares to Nick Fury’s relationship with the other superheroes we’ve seen?

Schwartz:I think it benefits in its uniqueness by having Carol be the first superhero he’s ever encountered or really heard of in his life. She sort of gets to be the window to him for this entire, bigger universe. So, he’s a little, a little less of the, I know everything there is to know, Nick Fury that we see in the later movies, and a little bit more, perhaps, open to new ideas.

Question: Is this where we learn what happened to his eye?

Schwartz: Pass.

Question: It seems like there’s some big, climactic stuff happening in this movie. How does nobody in Earth or Iron Man, the events of Iron Man, or the Battle of New York, know about what has happened, you know, the big stuff that’s happening in this movie?

Schwartz: I mean, you know. I could answer that, but then I’d have to get into what all the big stuff is. I don’t know. That feels like … that feels like a wait and see. Sorry. None of you guys have asked about the cat, I’m really surprised.

Question: I was just about to ask about the cat!

Schwartz: No, it’s too late! It’s too late!

Question: Tell us about the cat!

Schwartz: There’s an awesome cat in this movie named Goose.

Question: Is that a Top Gun reference?

Schwartz: That is a Top Gun reference, kind of a take on Chewie from the comics. Goose is played by a team of four cats, who all have their own specialty. There’s Reggie, there’s Archie, there’s Rizzo, and there’s Gonzo. They’re an A-team of cats who can all do one trick, because you can’t teach cats – I learned all about cats, shooting cats over the course of this movie. So one of them is, like, the face cat, who’s the pretty cat, that’s Archie. No, sorry, that’s Reggie! One of them’s the holding cat you hold and can be held. One of them’s, like, the nuzzling cat who will walk up to your leg and nuzzle it. And one of them’s, like, the cat who will paw you, who’s a jerk. I think that’s Rizzo. If you told me before this movie started that I would be auditioning cats to play the role of Goose, I would not have believed you.

Question: Were there any more Top Gun references?

Schwartz: There’s probably one or two other ones sprinkled in there. Ones that I only register subconsciously now.

Question: Do we see the cat in a costume?

Schwartz: Oh, the mask? Maybe, that’d be cool.

Question: Gonna do a cat-owner screening, bring your …

Schwartz: Oh, man, I’d love to. People are gonna love Goose!

Question: Dogs get everything, cats get nothing!

Schwartz: It just felt like one of those things from the comics that we couldn’t not do.

Question: On the comics, on this last page over here, there’s a big tentacle monster, is that something that’s gonna, we’re gonna see something from?

Schwartz: You know, that’s a version of the Supreme Intelligence, and the Supreme Intelligence is a part of the movie. Oh, sorry, that tentacle monster! Sort of, we sort of … no.

Question: What can you say about Ronan’s role in the movie?

Schwartz: Just like it’s an earlier version of Nick Fury, it’s an earlier version of Ronan, who has not become the radical zealot that we saw in Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume One. So he has his own station in Kree society, on Hala, and has his own role to play in the Kree military that intersects with Starforce in an interesting way.

Question: Will we leave him in a place that we’ll kind of see how he gets to where we see him next?

Schwartz: Yeah, a little bit, yeah. I mean, I think the seed – just like there’s a Nick Fury origin story buried in this movie, buried a little bit deeper is the Ronan origin story. I’m sure you guys have many more exciting people to talk to over the course of the visit, I don’t wanna hold you up.

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