Suicide Squad - Joker

Love the new Joker or hate him, Jared Leto is done with him for now. With Suicide Squad done shooting, the Oscar winner has taken a moment to say goodbye to his neon-green locks. See the Jared Leto Joker hair sendoff — and relive its many ups and downs with us — after the jump. 

Leto shared the loss of his Joker hair on Instagram.


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Farewell, Jared Leto’s Joker hair. It’s been quite a journey. We remember before you were born, when Jared Leto still looked like this.

Going going… #?

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And we remember how you began, with a snip of the scissors.

We remember when Leto went blond:


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And then when he went green:

We were there for your official unveiling as part of Leto’s full Joker look:

And we watched as Leto spent the summer trying to hide you under various seasonally inappropriate hats:

We witnessed you in action in that Comic-Con trailer:

Suicide Squad - Joker

And now, it seems, our time together is at an end. May you go in peace, Jared Leto’s Joker hair. We’ll see you again next summer when Suicide Squad opens.

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