One of the hottest films casting at the moment is Quentin Tarantino‘s spaghetti Western-influenced ‘Southern,’ Django Unchained. Previous Tarantino collaborators¬†Samuel L. Jackson and Christoph Waltz are already on board and Leonardo DiCaprio is rumored to join. However, one star that likely won’t be joining the party is Will Smith, who was previously reported as the frontrunner for the title role. Now a new report suggests that Jamie Foxx may be taking over the part originally intended for Smith, and that DiCaprio is “definitely signed” to play the villain. Read more after the jump.

Showbiz 411 (via The Playlist) dropped the tantalizing bits in a brief item yesterday, but it’s worth taking both pieces of news with a grain of salt as they don’t mention where they got their intel. (Though they mention speaking with Jackson, they do not name him as the source for either piece of news.) The DiCaprio news is good to hear, if not surprising. If the news about Foxx is true, he seems like a solid choice. Foxx has already demonstrated his dramatic acting chops with his notable turns in Ray and Dreamgirls, and he’s a bigger, more prestigious name than either Idris Elba or Chris Tucker, both of whom were also up for the Django part.

The plot of the historical revenge flick revolves around Django, a freed slave turned bounty hunter who teams up with another bounty hunter in order to save his wife from an evil plantation owner. Waltz will play the other bounty hunter, a German former dentist named Dr. King Schultz, and DiCaprio’s role will be that of villain Calvin Candie. Jackson has the part of Stephen, Calvin Candie’s head house slave and confidant.

Discuss: Do you think Foxx is a good choice to play Django? One seemingly major part that remains uncast is that of Django’s wife — who would you like the see in the part?

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