“Red and blue make 3D.”


Who do you cast in a remake of Quentin Tarantino’s favorite slasher movie? Judging by the upcoming remakes of lovely ’80s knife-wielding shlock like Prom Night (April 11th) and April Fool’s Day (straight to DVD/ugh), I’d say, “I dunno, that girl today at Pinkberry?” But, noooo! The lead actress in the 2009 remake of the above-par 1981 slasher My Bloody Valentine is in fact Jaime King, who starred in Sin City and is thus less than one degree of separation of Tarantino.

Directed by Patrick Lussier, who was an editor on all three Scream films and directed the sequel to that movie where Michael Keaton fights White Noise, the new MBV will also be in 3D (I hate hyphens). King will play Sarah Palmer, a girl who makes the oft-mistake of marrying her high school sweetheart’s arch rival and having a baby with him. When her old flame returns, those little heart candies start reading, “You’re all gonna die.”

King, who is pretty hot, will play one of the vixens in Frank Miller’s hotly anticipated The Spirit. She also played the fully grown, long estranged daughter of Johnny Depp’s coke playboy at the end of Blow. I wonder how sweet the deal was for her to star in this horror remake and I hope it’s part of a trend. Maybe this movie will inspire another good band, too.

Discuss: If a slasher movie is in 3D, are you more likely to go see it? If Jaime King is in 3D, do you want to see that in a movie theater or on a monitor?

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