‘Interstellar’ – What Did You Think?


There’s a moment in Inception when one character encourages another to “dream a little bigger, darling.” Well, it certainly looks like Nolan took that advice to heart with Interstellar. Nolan’s first post-Batman movie is stunningly ambitious, even by his usual bold standards.

Matthew McConaughey leads the sci-fi epic as an astronaut who travels deep into space in a last-ditch effort to save the human race. That includes his beloved kids Murph and Tom, whom he has to leave behind on their dying farm. Anne Hathaway, Wes Bentley, and David Gyasi play the other astronauts on the journey with him. Michael Caine is the NASA guy leading the charge down on Earth.

Interstellar is a mind-bender of a journey that makes most of Nolan’s other films look tame in comparison. He clearly has big things to say about the importance of science, the experience of parenthood, the nature of humanity and the value of love. That last bit turns out to be especially unusual, since Nolan tends to be a cerebral, even chilly director. Emotions are not thought to be his strong suit, at least on film.

So there’s no question Nolan is aiming high. But does he hit his mark? This is your space to discuss all that and more. Spoilers are not just tolerated but actively encouraged.

Was the emotional angle moving or corny, or kinda both at the same time? Did you pick up on any of the plot holes, and if so did they bother you? Were you wowed by Nolan’s vision of deep space? Did you suffer from any of those sound issues other people were complaining about? How cute were those robots? That third act was definitely bonkers, but was it in a good way or a bad way? And exactly how shocked were you when Topher Grace showed up out of the blue? (My answer to that last one is very. That was way more surprising to me than the movie’s real secret cameo or its twisty ending.)

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