9. Everyone On Earth Dies But The Story Doesn’t Cut Away To Show Whats Happening On Our Planet

They get back to the Endurance to realize that because of time distortion caused by the black hole they have lost 47 earth years, and just like the movie, Cooper and Brand get to watch all the video messages from their family and friends from this huge gap of time. Through the videos we see all of Coopers family grow old and hear stories about how all of humanity is dying. And then nothing more. They theorize that probably 300 earth years have gone by and now they are probably the only three humans left in existence. Such a depressing thought… What to do now? Have space sex!


10. Cooper and Brand Fall In Love, Have Sex In Zero Gravity

Christopher Nolan added most of the emotional beats in the final film and a lot of the character moments between the crew on the mission and those back home on earth. Actually, the screenplay takes place entirely from Cooper’s point of view, and we don’t even intercut back to earth after he leaves the planet. We never see any of the story of Murph working for NASA and Professor Brand back home, or the farming journey of Coop’s other son. We do see the video messages sent to him by his family (the messages are, for the most part, remarkably the same as the final film). Cooper does send out an emergency broadcast in the last minutes before getting sucked into the black hole apologizing to Murph for not making good on his promise to come back.

But what the original screenplay loses in the emotional connection between father and daughter, it explores much more fully in the relationship that develops between Cooper and Brand. Their bond grows over the adventure and by the end you actually care that they be together. After the escape from the ice planet and all hope seems to be lost, Brand and Cooper actually have sex in zero gravity — a scene where they pull off each others clothes and have sex while floating/spinning inside the ship cabin.


11. A Second Wormhole Is Discovered and The Distortion “Creatures” Return

Coordinates found in the Chinese crew’s logs point them to a second wormhole close to the black hole that they were unaware of. They are able to make adjustments and hit the second wormhole before the black hole destroys them. But now they find themselves stuck in the wormhole, nothing but whiteness everywhere for days.

They eventually encounter those orb distortions, possibly creatures that can only interact using gravity (a concept used in a much different way in Nolan’s film). The things propel the crew through the cabin in what is described as a magical moment. Brand finds a way to communicate with them though patterns using ball bearings. The beings somehow guide the ship towards an opening…


12. The Ship Finds a Space Station Built Outside of Space and Time

The ship then moves towards an opening, leading to the view of the entire universe compressed into a flattened disc — it is implied that they are now outside of space and time, looking from some kind of fifth dimension. The ship then glides town a massive space station overlooking it all. They dock and find TARS who explains that he orbited the black hole a bunch of times before hitting the second wormhole. From there he drifted to this space station, which is what the Chinese were protecting.

On the space station, they have used the code from the gravity machine to come up with a solution to allow all of humanity to escape in massive circular ships. Not only that but they realize that the Chinese robots were mapping the millions of wormholes which connect to virtually every planetary system in the universe, including a thousand hidden in Earth’s own galaxy. But the robots were only looking for one specific wormhole… and they found it.

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