La Luna

La Luna

Another easter egg in Riley’s classroom references another one of Pixar’s short films as a poster features the star-fishing boy from La Luna.

Pete Docter is Angry

Inside Out

Director Pete Docter is the voice of Anger inside the mind of Riley’s father. And it’s no coincidence that Docter is a voice inside Riley’s father’s mind, because he also made the move from Minnesota to California for his own job.

Chinese Takeout


The Chinese food boxes that Riley and her family are eating out of are the exact same boxes from A Bug’s Life, Monsters Inc.,  Toy Story 2 and Ratatouille.

Hey, Ted

Monsters Inc

The giant legs of the monster Ted from Monsters Inc. can be seen in Inside Out. However, they don’t belong to a full monster, as they appear as a giant prop between stages on the studio lot of Dream Productions.

Imagination Land Board Games

Inside Out

Imagination Land has a whole bunch of random stuff inside of it, but there’s one particular board game that directly references another Pixar movie. There’s a box for a game called Find Me! and right on the box is a fish that looks exactly like little Nemo from Finding Nemo. There’s also a game called Dinosaur World that could reference The Good Dinosaur, but it’s less of a direct reference.

Forget it Jake, It’s Chinatown

Inside Out

It’s an easy joke for cinephiles to get, but in case you didn’t get it, here’s the deal. Towards the end of the movie, two cops are questioning the cloud woman whose husband was blown away by Joy, Sadness and Bing Bong in Imagination Land. When they come busting through town again, one of the cops gets worked up about it, but the other says, “Forget it, Jake. It’s Cloudtown.” That’s a variation on the same quote about the corrupt Chinatown from the iconic film noir appropriately called, Chinatown.

The Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion

In the nightmare sequence where Riley’s new apartment becomes spooky, you can hear part of the score from the popular Disney Parks attraction The Haunted Mansion.

Having a Ball

Toy Story - Pixar Ball

The iconic ball with a red star on it can be spotted in a flashback looking at Riley and Bing Bong playing together. In addition, Riley’s backpack has a sticker with the red star on it.

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