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We hope you’ve had time to see Pixar Animation‘s latest triumph, Inside Out, in theaters. It’s one of the best movies of the year so far, and there’s a good chance it will make several year-end lists for being one of the best of 2015 overall.

And like every Pixar movie, it’s ripe with easter eggs referencing all of the animation studio’s movies that came before it. Some are hard to spot, others are pretty easy to see. And we run through as many of them as we can below. Check out all the Inside Out easter eggs after the jump!



There are several easter eggs that are hard to spot because they’re in the thousands of memory orbs inside Riley’s mind, but the most abundant memories in the orbs are filled with moments from Carl and Ellie’s opening romance story from the first 10 minutes of Up.

The Pizza Planet Truck

Pizza Planet Truck

It’s not easy to spot, but director Pete Docter and co-director Del Carmen say that the Pizza Planet truck can be seen three times throughout Inside Out. More than likely, it can be spotted in one of the memory orbs inside Riley’s mind, but there’s plenty of automobiles in San Francisco, so the Pizza Planet truck may be among them. It’s just a shame they couldn’t stop San Francisco from ruining pizza.

For the Birds

For the Birds

During the drive to their new home in San Francisco, Riley and her family drive by the birds from the Pixar short For the Birds, sitting on a telephone wire.

The Good Dinosaur

Good Dinosaur Details

Riley and her family make a quick stop to take some photos of dinosaur statues on the side of the road, and one of those prehistoric creatures just so happens to be from Pixar’s upcoming movie The Good Dinosaur (watch the teaser trailer right here).

Oui, Chef


In Riley’s family’s San Francisco apartment, if you look on one of the tables, you’ll see a cooking magazine that features Colette from Ratatouille on the cover.


Pixar - A113

This number makes an appearance in every single Pixar movie as a reference to the CalArts animation classroom where brilliant minds like Pete Docter and John Lasster got their start. In Inside Out, Riley’s classroom is A113, and she also passes by the same number as graffiti spray-painted on a building when she’s running away. Also, the train car that Bing Bong, Joy and Sadness hop on is 113.

A Familiar Playground


In one of Riley’s childhood memories, she’s at a playground, coming down a slide. With the exception of the different, slide, the rest of the playground is an exact copy of the same one seen at Sunnyside Day Care Center in Toy Story 3.

Around the World

Inside Out

Inside the mind of Riley’s teacher, there’s a globe that Anger is smashing its head on. That exact same globe also appears in Andy’s room in all three Toy Story films. You can also see the globe in Riley’s classroom.

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