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Chris: People (including Matt) keep telling me this is good, and I have no reason to think they’re lying. The film follows an ederly couple who kidnap a pregnant woman to perform a kind of reverse exorcism, and bring their dead grandchild back to life in the form of the unborn baby. Needless to say, it doesn’t go well. I watched about 20 minutes of this before Christmas, and then stopped and never got around to finish it. I promise I will! 

Matt: Aw, I feel like a proud papa since this was one of my picks in the last Now Scream This! Chris admitted to watching half of this movie already, so I can only hope he enjoys the second half as much as I did.


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Chris: Another movie everyone kept talking about last year: 1BR, the story of a woman who moves into an LA apartment complex and finds her neighbors aren’t very neighborly. As I said above, all my films on this list are films I started but never finished. In the case of 1BR, I got approximately three minutes in before I realized I just wasn’t in the mood. Not that I thought those three minutes of footage were bad – I just sometimes get like this. You know that feeling? Where you fire up a movie, and a few minutes in you realize you just have to walk away. 

Matt: I don’t get the love for 1BR, sorry. It’s a worse, incomparably dull riff off The Invitation, but hey, all the more power to the Netflix bump (no one was hyping this film during its theatrical rollout).


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Chris: Images is a Robert Altman horror movie that I’ll confess I never heard of until it joined the Criterion Channel’s excellent 1970s horror movie collection. It follows a schizophrenic author trying to finish her book, and I started watching it late one night around Halloween. But I confess that I was a tad inebriated, and passed out before any of the film registered with me. That’s where 2021 comes in, baby! 

Matt: [Sees “Criterion Channel”] Yeah, I might double with Chris here. I need to up my Criterion game and indulge in the overlord-approved classics.


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Chris: I’ve heard a ton of great things about Sputnik, a Russian horror movie about cosmonauts and aliens. The moment this bad boy hit Hulu, I thought: “Finally, I can watch that!” But of course, since this movie is from Russia, it’s subtitled. Now, I don’t want to give you the impression that I’m some clown who goes, “Ugh, subtitles?! No thank you!” I have no problem with subtitled films! But I also need to be in the right frame of mind for them, you dig? Like, sometimes I just don’t really feel like reading as I watch a movie. As was the case when I started watching Sputnik, which resulted in me turning the flick off after about two ro three minutes. But I’m determined to finish this thing based on all the raves. 

Matt: Another pick from Donato’s Top 20 Horror Movies of 2020! Aliens, Cold War paranoia, and the follies of blind nationalism. Russia’s latest horror import is a doozy of historical and cultural horror intersections.


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Chris: Of all the films on my list, Monstrum is the one I got the furthest into: about an hour, maybe a little more. And I really enjoyed what I saw – a stylish film about monsters and plagues, full of action and spectacle. But this was one of my “late night watches” – the type of film I put on around 1:00 A.M., after my wife has gone to sleep, because she has no interest in watching it. So I got myself a good hour (or so) into Monstrum before the late-night sleepies got ahold of me. I’m coming back for you, Monstrum, I promise. 

Matt: YES. Team Sparkles all the way. Monstrum is all the swift-as-wind excitement of 1500s feudal martial artistry with a creature-feature additive. So unique and exciting. Shudder had one hell of a 2020.

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