Killer Klowns from Outer Space tv series

Killer Klowns From Outer Space

What It Is: A quiet town is overrun by alien clowns armed with an arsenal of carnival tricks and treats as they seek to harvest the townsfolk in cocoons of cotton candy.

Why It Would Make a Great Game: Killer Klowns from Outer Space is a cult classic, combining humor and horror and kitsch in one perfectly screwed-up package, offering up a different class of villain, with weapons found only in your weirdest childhood nightmares.

The Pitch: Hurry! Hurry! Step right up! Explore the kooky inner workings of the Big Top spaceship from the first person perspective as you arm yourself with cotton candy guns to fight off man-eating popcorn and deadly shadow puppets through terrain not unlike the N64 classics Chameleon Twist 2 and Glover. It is easy to get lost in this diabolical fun house, with level complexity rivaling that of Doom, and a varying range in opponent difficulty, from clowns launching some not-so-sweet pies to adversaries in ice cream truck-style tanks ready to obliterate anything in their path. Not even balloon animals are innocent in this technicolor hell. While you are busy avoiding popcorn and shadow puppets, be on the look out for codes and key cards. You will need these to build your safety net, unlocking the restricted areas on your map and finding stronger weapons. Never let your guard down in this outlandish and funky fight to the death. (Vanessa Bogart)


The Mummy (1999) 

What It Is: Rick O’ Connell, a gun-happy American adventurer leads a group to the Egyptian city of the dead, where they accidentally awaken Imhotep, a cursed Mummy who comes armed with the ten plagues of Egypt. They must commit him back to the afterlife before he can awaken his love, and spread evil across the world.

Why It Would Make a Great Game: Between an exciting setting, multiple classes of foes, and a clear final boss, The Mummy has a continuous flow of action and adventure that carries the audience through each “level” as Imhotep gets stronger, and each plague causes more chaos.

The Pitch: Uncharted meets God of War in this third person action adventure game. You play as the gruff, battle-beaten, Rick O’ Connell as he fights to survive against rival treasure hunters, ancient orders, scarabs, and the deadly reanimated mummies of Hamunaptra, all before he can kick Imhotep back to the afterlife and save the world from evil. Evelyn is the brains behind your brawn, and you better keep her safe. Without her and the resources of the library, your pistols will be little more than a locust on the back of this immortal threat. Make connections in town to gather supplies before you explore the buried rooms of the city of the dead, as resources will be few and far between underneath the sand. Through your adventure, you will battle sub-bosses like Imhotep’s sandstorm and you will have to piece together clues to figure out the puzzles and booby traps of ancient Egypt, armed only with your wits, your guns, and your mitts. (Vanessa Bogart)

Freddy 2

Nightmare on Elm Street

What It Is: The residents of Elm Street are transported to a psychotic dream world where the murdered child molester, Freddy Krueger, gets his revenge on the parents that burned him alive by killing teens in their dreams.

Why It Would Make a Great Game: Nightmare on Elm Street wasn’t just about a man chasing teenagers around in their dreams – Freddy Krueger controlled the dream. He could kill the teens instantly if he wanted to, but instead, he altered everything from the environment to his appearance to toy with his victims, making everything you are seeing and hearing as untrustworthy as Freddy himself.

The Pitch: You have to outwit Freddy’s devious tactics in this puzzle-based side-scroller. Think Limbo. You are trying to outrun Freddy, but the path in front of you is constantly changing, forcing you to think quickly on your feet and figure out how to disarm Freddy’s traps. As you are pulled into some of Krueger’s most vicious dream settings, you will have to continue analyzing the obstacles ahead and sort out an exit strategy, whether he has pulled you underwater, into a seedy alley, or Elm Street itself. You can run, jump, climb, push, and pull, but you can’t fight back and you can’t spend too long in one place, because once Freddy catches you, it is time to “die, bitch!” (Vanessa Bogart)

plan 9 from outer space

Plan 9 From Outer Space

What It Is: Edward D. Wood Jr.’s 1959 sci-fi horror movie about aliens who plan to destroy the Earth by resurrecting an army of zombies has often been called the worst movie ever made, which is both accurate and unfair. It’s a hilariously cheap movie filled with actors who can’t deliver dialogue to save their lives, but it’s also charming, imaginative, and made with a spirit that you don’t see in many big-budget movies. It’s something special.

Why It Would Make a Great Game: It’s all in the concept! Here’s a story about mankind fighting zombies and aliens! That’s double the number of things you usually get to shoot in a normal video game.

The Pitch: Imagine, if you will, a glossy, big-budget third-person shooting game. Now imagine it in black and white. Now imagine the cheap sets from the film rendered in exacting and lavish detail. Imagine dialogue and acting that reflects the performances from the actual movie. Imagine a tutorial hosted by Criswell, the psychic who introduces the original movie and notes that “future events such as these will effect you in the future.” This will never get made, but a huge action game that goes out of its way to replicate the B-movie charms of this movie would be a hoot. (Jacob Hall)

the purge election year trailer

The Purge

What It Is: America finds its solution to violence and prison over-crowding by allowing an annual 12-hour period where all crime is legal. While some let the rage flow through them, others just fight to survive.

Why It Would Make a Great Game: You would be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t watched The Purge without thinking “What would I do?” The answers range from leave the country for a couple days to robbing your favorite store to exacting bloody revenge. The Purge will (hopefully) never become a real government-sanctioned event, but through the wonderful world of video games, you can find out how well you would fair in your first Purge.

The Pitch: America is lawless. Anything goes. Death. Is. Final. Can you survive for 12 real time hours in this open-world RPG, where it is kill or be killed, and you are only as good as the character you design?  Is your character street smart? Does your character have any military training? Are you fast? Are you strong? Do you want to kill? Or, do you just want to survive? The Purge video game is the answer to the question, “What would you do?” A social experiment on the depravity of human nature, this mature title is not for the weak. Your weaponry is what you can find or take off of an opponent. Don’t be fooled into a safety net of brute force and ammo. Whether you are pleading for your life or conning another player out of their supplies, charisma will play a key role in your end strategy. If survival is your game, then being able to inspire people into following you and working together may be your only chance. But you’d better always keep a close eye on that health bar and stock up on medical supplies, because death is game over. If you want to know what you would do in the Purge, there are no second chances. Twelve real time hours. Can you survive? (Vanessa Bogart)

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