Hemlock Grove season 2 trailer

The Eli Roth-produced show Hemlock Grove returns to stream on Netflix for a second season starting in July. Bill Skarsgard, Landon Liboiron, Famke Janssen, Madeline Martin and Tiio Horn star, and the show was developed by Brian McGreevy and Lee Shipman based on the novel by McGreevy. The ten-episode season remains centered on a Pennsylvania town in which several monstrous events have reshaped the relationships between people in the little burg. (And in many cases the relationships between life and death.) A new trailer features such lovely sights as leech-eating, eye experiments, and a lot of flesh ripping and tearing. There’s a bit of sex and at least one explosion, too. Watch the Hemlock Grove season 2 trailer below.

This trailer is very definitely not safe for work.

The first season was at times savaged by critics in some of the same ways characters in this trailer are pulled apart. We’ll see if the second season fares any better, but the enthusiasm for the show on Netflix’s part is pretty clear, and all the horror elements make portions of it something genre fans pretty much have to stream. Some of the werewolf stuff alone makes the show something I can’t resist dipping into, and I do love the oddities on display here.

Hemlock Grove season 2 will be available to stream in full on July 11. Trailer via IGN.

The ten-episode second season will focus on the once sleepy Pennsylvania town coming to terms with the terror that it has seen and will continue to endure as its citizens’ monstrous secrets have been revealed. New to the cast is Madeline Brewer who plays Miranda Cates. Looking to start anew, Miranda arrives in Hemlock Grove unaware of the trauma experienced by the townspeople and of the profound effect she has had on returning characters Roman (Skarsgard) and Peter (Liboiron).


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