Harry Styles Hosted Saturday Night Live

Harry Styles is famous around the world thanks to both One Direction and his new solo career in music. But is he funny? That was the big question going into his hosting debut on Saturday Night Live, and while his monologue was a little worrisome at first, I’m happy to say that Harry Styles turned out to be one of the best stars to pull double duty as host and musical guest. The singer had no problem putting on a funny voice and showed why he’s been becoming a hot commodity in Hollywood. He impressively played a variety of characters and was clearly having a blast.

Let’s run through the best and worst sketches from the Harry Styles hosted Saturday Night Live below.

The Best

That’s the Game – Chris Redd doesn’t get a chance to shine on SNL too often, but when he does, it’s outstanding. This sketch is no exception as Redd plays a drug dealer looking to take over the whole operation, but he has absolutely not clue what he’s doing. The confidence combined with his clumsiness and lack of knowledge about the drug trafficking business makes for some big laughs throughout, but I think the bit with the gun might be the funniest part.

Joan Song – It’s not often you get a sketch that is hilarious and oddly charming, but here we are. Aidy Bryant puts on her adorably quirky persona for this wonderful song about her dog Doug. It’s all pretty cute at first, but then the sketch becomes downright hilarious when Doug is personified by Harry Styles. Watching him get into the trash and scared of the vaccuum makes for some great sight gags, and it really showed his dedication to physical comedy in addition to playing characters.

Childbirth Class – I feel like these characters would fit in perfectly with The Art Dealers that Fred Armisen and Maya Rudolph played during their time on SNL. This Icelandic couple is totally clueless as to how out of the ordinary their easy pregnancy experience has been, and the accents are what really make it soar. If this were any other “hot” couple in a sketch like this, it just wouldn’t be as funny. Heidi Gardner and Harry Styles put forth some great physicality with this sketch too.

Funeral DJs – The gradual escalation of this sketch is what makes it land so firmly for me. The initial arrival of the Funeral DJs is funny immediately, but it’s how their approach to hyping a funeral that continues to bring the laughs. From that deep techno voice saying the weirdest things to the reaction of the family members evolving throughout the sketch, this one just cracked me up. And again, Styles surprises me with his comedic energy, which never seems to come through in any other part of his career.

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