Is Han Solo Force Sensitive? An Investigation


Did Han use unconventional Jedi mind tricks on Jabba and Greedo?

In his own words, Han is incredibly good at “talking his way out of” bad situations. But what if it’s not just his silver tongued ways that often save his skin but actually some latent Jedi mind tricks bubbling beneath the surface? Now you might be thinking ‘”come on, you’re really pushing it now!” But stick with me because this is actually one of the more solid parts of this particular theory.

During his interactions with Jabba in Return of the Jedi, Han manages to somehow go from a death sentence in the sarlacc pit to the crosshairs of Jabba’s beloved bounty hunter, Boba Fett, and still manages to survive. Let’s also note that he does all of this whilst he’s still temporarily blinded from being frozen in carbonite. Oh, and just a small note but if you pay attention whilst he’s talking to Jabba in the palace, he definitely waves his hand in front of Jabba’s ugly mug. I’m not saying that Han’s Jedi mind tricking Jabba…but he’s totally Jedi mind tricking Jabba.

The infamous scene in which Han shoots Greedo (first) in A New Hope is another good moment to explore, as once again he “talks” his way out of what should be a fatal situation. Hilariously, George Lucas’ much-maligned reissues of the movies add even more fuel to this fire, because when Han is talking to Greedo he waves his hand in front of the wall, in exactly the place where Greedo shoots him and misses. A coincidence? I think not!

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Han is always saving the day by randomly turning up at the right time

It’s tough to know where you’re going in the galaxy. It’s a massive landscape that’s ever growing and constantly changing – what with all the planets being blown up – but Han always manages to find himself in the right place at the right time. Luke Skywalker would likely be dead if it wasn’t for Han’s unbelievable knack for accidentally stumbling upon epic, life changing moments and battles throughout the saga. But what if it wasn’t a series of outlandish coincidences, but rather the Force guiding him towards exactly where he needs to be?

During the climactic battle in the third act of A New Hope, all hope – pun intended – appears to be lost as Luke faces down his deadbeat dad, Darth Vader. Luckily for Luke, Han has a change of heart after leaving the Rebels and returns, happening to stumble upon the pair and saving Luke’s life. This allows the fledgling Jedi to lead the bombardment on the Death Star and save the day. Now, if it was just the one time then you might write it off as chance, but that’s by no means the only time Han’s “luck” has helped save the day.

Remember when Luke just happened to be stuck on the frozen wastelands of Hoth? And Han just happens to ride out into the icy wilds and find him? That seems like an unlikely happenstance. Maybe Han is actually some kind of Force guardian, someone who uses the Force to help save others. This isn’t just reserved for the original trilogy either. When Rey and Finn steal the Millennium Falcon, Han suddenly finds them at an advantageous time, somehow saving our young heroes from the wild rathtars, the wrath of Kanjiklub, and the Guavian Death Gang too. Ockham’s razor, guys… sometimes the simplest answer is the right one. In a world where the Force exists, wouldn’t it make far more sense that this lucky hero just happens to be connected to the magical energy that guides people? Rather than it just being a whole lot of coincidences, that is.

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Han’s constantly talking about “luck” and having regular “bad feelings”

The final point is really the cherry on this delectable Force-filled cake. That sweet and juicy maraschino is Han’s constant personal philosophy of “luck.” We all know that Han Solo never wants us to tell him the odds, which makes sense seeing as the odds mean nothing to a man who knows he’s almost always going to beat them. When Obi-Wan is explaining the Force to Han and Luke in A New Hope, Han responds with “I just call that luck.” Maybe this is less of an admission of disbelief and more a statement of intent. Maybe Han’s sensitivity has never been explained to him before, and he’s always just thought of it as luck.

Han’s also the king of “bad feelings.” He’s always aware of when something might go wrong, and guess what Force fans… he’s usually right! From the garbage compactor on the Death Star to the corridors of his beloved freighter, Han’s gut is rarely wrong.

Now, of course, none of this is conclusive proof of Han’s potential Force powers. Maybe his death in The Force Awakens was an unforeseen tragedy, or maybe Han sensed that it was necessary to begin his son’s redemption. And who knows:  if we reeeeeally push it here, we might even see Han return as a Force ghost at some point in the new trilogy [editor’s note: no, why are you doing this me, Rosie, why]. Of course, this is just a fan waxing lyrical about her favorite films. We’re in no way stating that there’s any truth to this radical romp… but wouldn’t it be cool if the Force truly was with Han Solo?

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