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Just as they do with their movies, Marvel Studios likes to give audiences a little something extra with their Blu-rays. For a while, that meant One-Shots — the short films that took place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now, it means a bevy of special features like those you’d find on pretty much any Blu-ray. However, they way the studio “makes it all Marvel” is to provide enough inside jokes and fan-specific content that non-fans will enjoy it, but Marvel fans will flip out. The upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Blu-ray is no exception.

We got a glimpse at all of the video special features on the disc and there is so much for Marvel fans to dig into. Below, read 10 of the most awesome things you’ll find on the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Blu-ray special features.

Josh Brolin Thanos

Phase Three Jokes

The main feature of the disc is a series of connected behind the scenes featurettes called “Galactic Adventurer.” It’s a series of behind the scenes videos about each location in the film, linked by a 16 bit video game interludes starring writer director James Gunn. You can watch the first one here. Now, I don’t want to spoil all of the awesome animations but two very important people, Kevin Feige and Thanos, both pop up and makes jokes that either directly, or indirectly, reference phase three.

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More Dancing Groot

After the main Galactic Adventurer featurette, the 16 bit video game interludes evolve into another game (again, no spoilers) tossing to a short documentary about Dancing Groot. We learn a bit more about his animation and see behind the scenes concepts and early digital renderings of not only the version from the end credits, but the stick version as well.

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Subtle teases and expansion

While talking about the development of the movie in the featurette, Gunn talks about the fact his team did way more work on the backstory of certain areas and characters than was needed in the film. In particular, the Krylorians (seen above), Morag, the city from the beginning of the movie and the Ravagers. Could some of that work make it into sequels? It seems likely. “All that stuff, yeah I’d like to expand on many of those things,” he said.

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