Crystal of Conquest in Mission Escape

Crystal of Conquest

The artifact first appeared in Marvel comics in Doctor Strange #175, published in December, 1968. The Sons of Satannish wielded the Crystal of Conquest, which could project beams of energy and teleport objects or powerful beings, such as the frost giant Ymir. It’s possible this is an artifact from a future Marvel film, Infinity War or perhaps Thor: Ragnarok? Maybe it’s how Hela sends Thor to Sakaar?

Crimson Bands of Cyttorak in mission breakout

Crimson Bands of Cyttorak

The Crimson Bands of Cyttorak were forged by blacksmiths in Babylon in the 900s BC. and were stored by the Masters of the Mystic Arts in the Sanctum Sanctorum along with the Cloak of Levitation, where they became part of Battle at the Sanctum Sanctorum in Doctor Strange. Stephen Strange used the bands to restrain his Kaecilius. They are now hanging high in Tivan’s office.

Celestrials Masks in mission breakout

Celestrials Masks

In Tivan’s Collection, we see a bunch of masks on the well that appear to represent some of the Celestials from the Marvel comics world. From left to right they represent Galactus, Gammenon the Gatherer, Nezarr, Hargen and Arishem the Judge. This is interesting because characters like Galactus are part of the Fantastic Four rights package, and the film rights are not owned by Marvel Studios/Disney. But Disney owns Marvel Comics and I guess this representation is legally outside of the film or television realm. The Celestials have MCU ties in the Guardians films, with the planet of Knowhere revealed to be a severed head of a deceased Celestial. And then there’s Starlord’s father, Ego.


Body Parts of The Galaxy

Downstairs in the former boiler room queue room, you can see a collection of body parts from all over the galaxy. I assume they are being kept organized to help feed some of the living specimens in the Tivan Collection. Here are the the bin labels: Jotunheim beast (awakened from his deep slumber by Laufey to kill Thor for intruding in his realm; another beast was disturbed by Thor and Malekith’s battle through the portals of the Convergence and wound up in London in Thor: The Dark World), Terrans (Earth), Abilisk (the creature the Guardians fought at the beginning of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2), Orloni (the type of creature Peter Quill kicked in the opening scenes of Guardians of the Galaxy), and Chitauri (the alien invaders from The Avengers).

Stormbreaker in Mission Breakout


Also in the collection is an Asgardian war hammer that looks a lot like Stormbreaker, the weapon that belongs to Beta Ray Bill. In the comics, the alien who proved to be worthy of lifting Thor’s hammer Mjolnir and was rewarded with his own hammer by Odin. The identification plaque says that the Asgardian War Hammer “originated in the dwarven forge of Nidavellir” and that “this finely crafted object is made of the powerful stone, Uru.” As far as we know, Beta Ray Bill doesn’t appear in Thor: Ragnarok.


Einherjar Uniform

A Royal Guard’s Uniform from Asgard. The identification plaque says that “these elite warriors are tasked with protecting Asgard in times of need.”


A Set of Mysterious Weapons

On the other wall right before Tivan’s office is a set of weapons, some of which we have yet to see in the MCU. Could they be from Thor: Ragnarok‘s gladiator arena?


Dark Elf Artifacts

Another display case in the museum holds some Dark Elf Artifacts from Thor: The Dark World. This includes a dark elf dagger, a book describing the Dark Elves, and a mask.

Destroyer Armor Prototype Gun in mission breakout

SHIELD Prototype Gun

Also in The Collector’s office is a gun used by SHIELD agent Phil Coulson to shoot Loki in The Avengers.

tom morrow in mission breakout

Tom Morrow

In both of the Collector’s offices, you can see pieces of a former audio animatronic figure on the bottom shelf. This is the remnants of Tom Morrow, who appeared in a now-defunct Disney attraction called Flight to the Moon before the show became Mission to Mars. Years later, new robotic versions of Tom appeared at the Innoventions attraction at Disneyland and Epcot.

What Did We Miss?

Have any inside information? Did you find a hidden easter egg or reference while riding the attraction? Leave your intel in the comments below. We’ve also included a gallery of images for those of you who want to search from the comfort of home. The gallery consists of photos of the hanging cases and close-ups of all the objects in Tivan’s office.

(Thanks to Jeff Morreale for a couple of these photos.)

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