Gong Li

The latest rumor has Gong Li considering an offer to star in Indiana Jones and the City of Gods.
The Taiwan United is reporting that Li “may play in a big-budget Hollywood film in June, which she’s now in negotiations [about].” And as far as we know, Indiana Jones 4 is the only big Hollywood movie starting production in June.
Ironically enough, the new Indiana Jones title, according to our friends at FilmIck, was also attached to an older script with a much different plot. I must admit, it’s very cool sounding title. Not what you would expect from a 21st century George Lucas (Attack of the Clones?).

ALSO, despite his public media denials, Shia Leboeuf is also supposedly confirmed for the film. But why would he be rocking the boat? Unless thats what he was told to do?

Let the rumors continue.

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