You remember that HUGE Decepticon that little ol’ Optimus Prime was hanging off of at the end of the new Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Super Bowl television spot (if you haven’t seen it, watch it NOW)?

Well Transformers fans are pretty much in agreement – what you saw was only ONE of the Constructicons — a group of Decepticons that merge together to form a GIGANTIC Robot named Devastator. It has been rumored that he will be made up of 5-9 different Constructicons. So if that is truly only one of the said Constructicons, this means that Devastator is going to be MASSIVE. So imagine a Transformer nine times bigger than the Decepticon that you saw at the end of the Super Bowl teaser. After the jump I will present the evidence, including a possible photo of the actual toy version of the Constructicon in question.

Lets take a look at the evidence. A couple weeks ago one, photos of one of the new constructicons found their way onto

The unnamed Transformer which has been referred to as the figure’s alt mode: “Steam Shovel” appears to look exactly like the Transformer at the end of the Super Bowl clip. TFW2005 user yizhi521 has even posted an image of the toy with a Legends Of Cyberton series Optimus Prime hanging on to the figure, and it looks very much to scale. I’m not sure about you guys, but the image below looks a lot like the huge transformer shown at the end of the teaser.

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