Get Shorty Season 1 Episode 101

The audience knows so much about Hollywood from shows like Entourage or watching DVDs, does that make it easier to explain the business to them? Is it harder to impress people?

Holmes: As long as it’s not a retread of someone else’s point of view about Hollywood. As long as it’s a fresh take with real human beings then I’m not so worried about it. I do presume that there is a surprising amount of knowledge about the industry with viewers. Just from talkbacks to panels, I’m always amazed how closely people follow the entertainment business and how much they know about it.

Arkin: When there are whole channels devoted to the business, there were times where there were discussions about whether we were being too inside with some of the show business references. Inevitably when we broke it down, it seemed pretty apparent that more and more the general population is very aware of what goes into a lot of the nuts and bolts of production.

Holmes: The process is interesting. When you’re watching The West Wing or ER, even if you don’t exactly understand what they’re talking about, it’s interesting to lean into that .

Arkin: When you’re convinced the characters do know what they’re talking about, it becomes compelling.

Were there no restrictions on staying under an hour an episode?

Holmes: There were very strong recommendations and they were nice enough to let us go over and under here and there. They really did want us within a range that was under an hour.

How many seasons of this Get Shorty have you thought of?

Holmes: I came in talking about the first three. I can imagine six and then we’ll appraise where we are at that point.

Arkin: I always thought 12 and out.

Holmes: A nice concise 12 and out.

Would each season be 10 episodes?

Holmes: I suppose some could vary. 10 is a very nice number in which to tell a story.

Get Shorty Season 1 Episode 101: The Pitch

Did you do more research on the movie business or the gangster business?

Holmes: Gangster business. Showbiz I have a lot of reference for, but how it really would work, the gangster business, trying to ground it to make it feel real and not like somebody else’s TV show, we did a fair amount of research on what it is to be a criminal.

Is it a coincidence you cast two leads primarily known for comedies in not necessarily comedic parts?

Holmes: I think it’s indicative of the tone we were trying to hit. We really did want some actors with comedy chops, but actors who were able to and eager to embrace the serious side of the role as well. Romano brings tragedy and seriousness to a role that could be just a clown. Chris, the same thing. Chris brings a very ominous, thuggish side to this guy even while he’s being charming and seductive.

Arkin: Still very much being himself. It’s an amazing job of just incorporating aspects of his own nature. It’s pretty seamless. Even at his toughest moments, you don’t feel like it’s some cloak that he’s putting on himself. It’s still very much him.

Holmes: We get to see who Chris O’Dowd would be if he beat people up for a living.

Arkin: Which I’m not so sure he doesn’t.

Are you able to use practical squibs for the gunshots?

Arkin: It’s dependent on the application. When it’s been safe to use squibs or half loads, we have. When, for whatever reasons, it just felt like it would be safer for everyone, we’ve let safety be the determining factor.

Get Shorty Season 1 Episode 101: The Pitch

There’s really no safe way to put a small explosive on someone’s head, is there?

Arkin: Head, no. But we’re willing to try.

Holmes: We do some practical stuff but VFX is amazing these days. If you don’t want to, it’s something that VFX is very good at.

Arkin: Or using a subtle practical effect and then augmenting that, using that to build a visual effect on top of it.

What do you feel is the awareness of Get Shorty today?

Holmes: I think it’s not in the forefront of people’s minds the way it was for me when I was in my 20s. But there’s generally an affectionate recollection of it but my biggest worry is that people will come to this expecting the movie for television and it’s such a different tone and a different show. I’m actually quite happy to have a fresh start with it. Elmore Leonard is revered so that’s both an intimidating challenge and a great help.

Well, you made it new characters and started from scratch.

Holmes: Yeah, it helps us dodge some of that expectation.

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