Germain’s 15 Favorite Sports Movies

The Wrestler

10. The Wrestler (2008)

Mickey Rourke gives the performance of his career in this unlikely sports film from director Darren Aronofsky. At its heart, The Wrestler presents an incredible characterization of a man fighting to survive in a world that’s past him by. The world he loves. It goes from good to great because it portrays that world in such a detailed, honest way.

Rad Movie

9. Rad (1986)

As a pre-teen, my wild dream was to be a BMX racer. What can I say? It was the Eighties. I was never any good but at least I could watch and rewatch Rad, a simple yet awesome sports movie that has pretty much been lost in time. The film was never released on DVD so fans have had to revert to watching bootleg copies of a movie that not only has a fantastic, pulse-pounding Eighties soundtrack, a kick-ass finale but a literal BMX bike dance off. Bonus points for Lori Loughlin and Talia Shire supporting performances.

Jerry Maguire Tom Cruise

8. Jerry Maguire (1996)

Where as almost every sports movie on this list follows, or at least plays with, the classic sports movie story arc, Cameron Crowe’s Jerry Maguire does something different. It tells a sports side story. A tangent. The story of a sports agent who loses everything then fights his way back. So you get that exciting sports narrative in an unconventional way with the main character. Then, simultaneously, you get an actual sports narrative with the supporting characters. The result is miraculous and iconic.

The Natural Robert Redford

7. The Natural (1984)

What if the best player in history never got to be a player? That’s the story that begins The Natural, a gorgeous film from director Barry Levinson. Robert Redford plays the man who should have been the best, lost his shot, then comes out of nowhere to capture the imaginations of the world. There’s so much drama, so much emotion and so much wonder wrapped into this film thanks to the script and the iconic score by Randy Newman.


6. A League Of Their Own (1992)

To this point, the only true story on this list was a documentary. A League of Their Own isn’t directly a true story, but it’s inspired by the real life All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. That alone gives it a wonderful leg up, pun intended, and then the cast, characters, music, relationships, script and directing do the rest. It’s a movie that is filled with so many amazing moments, that you almost forget about them if you haven’t seen it all the way through in a while. Hilarious, inspirational, exciting and dramatic all at once.

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