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But What Will George Lucas’ Indiana Jones 5 Involvement Be?

So what about Indiana Jones? Will George Lucas be involved in future installments? Since my tweet, I’ve heard from a variety of sources who claim that George Lucas sold off the rights to future Indiana Jones movies outright. This makes sense, as it seems to be part of the whole Lucasfilm deal. Disney doesn’t need to include him on the future adventures (aside from credits/pay), but that doesn’t mean he will be excluded.

Remember that Indiana Jones has always been a collaboration between a trio: George Lucas, Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg. I find it hard to imagine that Spielberg would not include his friend George in some advisor capacity when developing the new Indiana Jones story, but who knows? Maybe Lucas doesn’t want to be involved, but it should also be noted that Lucas is one of Disney’s largest shareholders with over $2 billion in stock — so its not like he’s completely out of the loop.

Chris Pratt as Indiana Jones

Is Chris Pratt Going to Be the New Indiana Jones?

Another /Film reader contacted me on twitter asking if Chris Pratt was being considered for the new Indiana Jones, as has been rumored.

I think the answer to that may depend of the success of Jurassic World, which is also produced by Indiana Jones producer Frank Marshall. (Who, yes, is married to Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy.) Disney is said to be really taken with Pratt, and on set Marshall seemed ecstatic about Pratt’s work on Jurassic World. But I’ve heard Pratt’s name is just on a list at this point and even Pratt has said publicly that he hasn’t been officially contacted about the project.

So while Pratt’s involvement is a question mark at this point, I can confidently tell you that a new Indiana Jones movie won’t leave Harrison Ford out completely. If we see a new Indiana Jones, it will likely either be bookended with an opening action scene with Ford reprising his role as an older Indiana Jones or feature Ford as a fatherly capacity akin to Sean Connery’s role in The Last Crusade. Although, the latter seems more unlikely as I don’t see them wanting to continue their initial plan with Shia taking on the franchise as Mutt.

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