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Game of Thrones season 7, the sometimes spellbinding and sometimes frustrating penultimate season of the most popular show on television, is over. If the rumors are to be believed, we may not see the final season until 2019, which means we have a long wait ahead of us. And a lot of time to bicker over silly questions like “Which character is currently winning the game of thrones?” Yep, it’s time for our annual Game of Thrones power ranking.

Jacob Hall and Ben Pearson, two of /Film’s resident Game of Thrones aficionados, decided to take this question to heart. Below, we have assembled a list of the major surviving characters (or at least the ones who matter), ranked from “doing quite poorly at the game of thrones” to “probably going to be sitting on the Iron Throne when all is said and done.” This list was devised via techniques mastered by the Maesters of the Citadel – it is completely and scientifically accurate.

Naturally, there are major spoilers throughout this article.

Ellaria Sand GOTs7

32. Ellaria Sand

Chained up in a King’s Landing prison and just out of reach of the rotting corpse of her dead daughter…yep, you know Ellaria really pissed off Cersei Lannister to receive such a horrible fate. Even if she could somehow pick her lock, she’d still probably have to contend with Cersei and The Mountain, who would be even madder than ever. Game over, Ellaria. (Ben Pearson)

game of thrones the dragon and the wolf 6

31. Jaime Lannister

To paraphrase a great poet: Jaime Lannister will do anything for love, but he won’t do that. With that being “go back on his word to march north and assist Jon and Daenerys in battling the army of the dead to protect the Seven Kingdoms from the zombie apocalypse.” Geez, Jaime. You’re growing a conscience now? This late in the game? That’s not how you win the game of thrones, sir. This how you Eddard Stark yourself into an early grave. (Jacob Hall)

game of thrones ranking meera

30. Meera Reed

Hey, Meera. Remember how you spent the past few years trudging through the snow with Bran Stark so he could locate a Swedish man who lives in a tree and learn how to be the most powerful psychic in the Seven Kingdoms? Yeah. Well…your services are longer required. Sorry. It’s been fun. Sort of. Sometimes. Sorry about your brother. (Jacob Hall)

Yara Greyjoy GOTs7

29. Yara Greyjoy

The last we saw Yara, she was captured by her psychopathic uncle Euron. Her exact fate is unclear, but she’s not dead – the show wouldn’t have had Theon take a beating to convince his men to save her if she wasn’t still a factor. Still, things are looking pretty rough for the would-be queen of the Iron Islands. Can Theon and company save her next season? Either way, getting sucked into a side plot doesn’t sound like a strategy for winning the game of thrones. (Ben Pearson)

game of thrones stormborn review 9

28. Melisandre

Rejected by Jon Snow, faced with the wrath of Davos, and all out of living kings willing to put up with her Lord of Light bullshit, Melisandre can only nudge from afar at this point. Granted, part of that nudging involves making sure Daenerys and Jon Snow end up in the same room, but her days of whispering in the ears of potential rulers are over. (Jacob Hall)

game of thrones eastwatch gendry

27. Gendry

Gendry may be able to swing a warhammer like his father, but Robert Baratheon’s bastard isn’t exactly a threat to the throne these days. Maybe the blacksmith should enter Westeros’ version of the Olympics, though – as he proved this season, he certainly has a knack for long-distance running, especially through harsh terrain. (Ben Pearson)

Hot Pie GOT s7

26. Hot Pie

While everyone else is concerning themselves with battles, dragons, and other dangerous affairs, Hot Pie’s biggest problem is burning himself as he pulls a new batch of food out of the oven. Comparatively speaking, that’s a pretty good problem to have in Westeros. And there’s a hint of something else lurking behind his kind eyes: this guy is as power-hungry as he is…well, regular hungry. The simplicity of his plan to wait out the war and ascend to the throne puts any of Littlefinger’s elaborate schemes to shame. Seriously though: how hilarious would it be if everyone ends up dying except for Hot Pie? (Ben Pearson)

game of thrones ranking podrick

25. Podrick Payne

We’ve watched Pod fight in the battle of the Blackwater, act as as personal squire to Tyrion Lannister, and learn how to fight courtesy of Brienne of Tarth, Podrick Payne has grown up before our very eyes! And yet, he still gets whisked away from the big armistice talk so all of the real grown-ups can chat. Sorry, Pod. You’ll matter someday. (Jacob Hall)

game of thrones the dragon and the wolf 7

24. Theon Greyjoy

The most consistently humiliated character on Game of Thrones earns this placement strictly because of his ability to endure in the face of overwhelming odds. Theon’s storylines may not be the most fun, and he may not be interested in playing the “game,” but he has a high survivability ranking, and in a treacherous kingdom, sometimes that’s all you need. (Ben Pearson)

game of thrones beyond the wall 5

23. Beric Dondarrion

To some fans, Beric Dondarrion is the leader of the Brotherhood Without Banners, a former knight, and a character ingrained into the increasingly weird texture of mythology of this world. To others, his name inspires comments like “You’re making that name up. There is no one named Beric Dondarrion on Game of Thrones.” Look, this is what happens when you vanish for seasons at a time. Anyway, Beric is the second most important person currently at Eastwatch, which just crumbled to the ground and let an undead zombie army through. Not a good look. (Jacob Hall)

Tormund Giantsbane

22. Tormund Giantsbane

Tormund nearly met a grisly end during the battle beyond the wall in season 7, and the last moments we saw of him in the finale weren’t exactly beaming with hope. But if anyone can survive the destruction of the Wall, it’s our friendly neighborhood Wildling. Think about what that means: if he survives that fall and the Night King’s army walking right past him, he can face just about anything…even the heartbreak that’s surely on the way when he realizes Brienne and Jaime are going to end up together. Sorry, Tormund/Brienne shippers. (Ben Pearson)

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