Whose idea was it to involve the trained raptors? 

That was Steven’s idea.

In November 2005, Spielberg said there would be a scene with characters on motorcycles outrunning the raptors. And it’s just interesting that it’s evolved into, they’re running with the raptors now.

Right, And there are a lot of ideas in this movie which what I thought was clever with Derek and Colin where they were able to take Steven’s original ideas and incorporate them into the story that they wanted to tell.

Jurassic World

You have an interesting relationship with Jimmy Buffett. His restaurant ends up in this movie and he has a cameo. How did that happen?

That was me.

Are you friends with Buffett?

Yeah, we’re really close friends and there was an opportunity here to have a lot of, you know, we had to come up with the boardwalk and the Main Street of an international up and running theme park. And as I think you know, Jimmy has a Margaritaville in the Orlando Universal theme park. And so it kind of made sense since this is a Universal movie and there’s already a restaurant. And we were looking at that corner building being some sort of restaurant or nightclub kind of situation. So it made perfect sense. And it was completely organic. Just like we have a Starbucks and a Ben and Jerry’s there.

You expect to see his restaurant in a high traffic place, I’ve seen it in a lot of touristy areas.

It is also a tropical situation. And that’s what Jimmy’s known for and it really was a perfect fit.

Jurassic World Trailer Still 18

Have there been discussions to bring Jurassic World into the Universal Theme Parks?

Oh yes. The theme parks are very interested. We’ve had a lot of discussions with them for the new parks that are going up in Asia. As well as now this sort of reboot, like they’re doing with Star Wars, whatever rides and concepts there are in the current parks.

Oh that’s really cool. ‘Cause I would love to ride that gyrosphere.

Yeah, by the way, that’s the one they really like. They said to me, ‘we wanna do that.’

back to the future eric stoltz

I just have one last question for you, Frank. There’s a story that’s now very public about Back to the Future and Eric Stoltz being replaced by Michael J. Fox after weeks of shooting. And you were very involved in that film. Is that something that would even be possible these days? And how did the conversation go back then?

Yeah, I doubt that it could happen today. Back then, the studios were their own different entities. So they made decisions therefore on their own. We had Sid Sheinberg who had a very close relationship with Steven at Amblin. And we presented the situation to him and we felt that we could pull it off and he trusted us. I’m not sure that today, in today’s corporate world, that we would be able to pull that off because there’s just too many people involved in making a decision. Back then it was very, very clean cut. And Sid had the foresight and the guts to make the call.

Well, it’s my favorite film of all time. And it’s the 30th Anniversary. Is there any plan for the 30th that you know about?

Well, you know, I think there are going to be a couple of celebrations. I know I’ve talked to Bob Gale and he’s been involved in a lot of things that are going on. There is gonna be one of those what do they call it?

Oh, the Secret Cinema?

Yeah. I think there’s gonna be one of those. And we’re gonna have a re-release of the DVD come the fall of the three movies with new extras on them. But I gotta tell you, Peter, it’s hard for me to believe it was 30 years ago.

It’s hard for me to believe too.

Yeah. It seems like yesterday I was working with the dog, you know, trying to get him to bark.

back to the future  Libyan chase

You were Second Unit Director on that as well, right?

Yeah. That, there’s a lot of second unit, yeah.

What scenes did you do on that film?

The biggest one that I helped with was the terrorists attacking the parking lot in the Volkswagen van.

Very cool. Well I will let you go, Frank. I know you’re a busy guy.

Thanks. Take care, Peter. Good to talk to you and I look forward to running into you on the road again.

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