It wasn’t so long ago that Bradley Cooper was mostly thought of as the guy from Wedding Crashers and The Hangover, but these days his dance card is filled with projects by David O. Russell, Susanne Bier, Cameron Crowe, and the like. One he’s got coming up next year is The Place Beyond the Pines, fromĀ Blue Valentine helmerĀ Derek Cianfrance, and now the pair are already gearing up to reunite on a new project called Chef.

Well — new to them. In fact, Chef has been simmering (sorry! had to) since about 2008, when David Fincher was attached to direct with Keanu Reeves set to star. More details after the jump.

Like so much of the info we’ve received this week, the news comes from the American Film Market. Word got around Thursday morning that The Weinstein Co. had picked up the sale rights, but it took a little bit more detective work on the part of The Playlist to figure out that this was the same picture Fincher and Reeves had been working on a few years ago, as well as the same Cooper-Cianfrance re-team mentioned in a Vulture story last week.

The script, by Eastern Promises scribe Steven Knight, centers around “a wild chef who assembles a crack team in his bid for a third Michelin star.” Script Shadow‘s writeup from 2010 fills out some of the other details (although it’s possible they’ve changed in subsequent drafts): After earning two Michelin stars, the hotshot chef hits rock bottom thanks to a drug problem and loses his restaurant. Years later, he attempts to make a comeback by opening a three-star restaurant.

Presumably, Cooper would play the chef. It’d be familiar territory for him, as he played Jack Bourdain on the short-lived TV series Kitchen Confidential — which, coincidentally, also started out as a Fincher movie project called Seared. Cooper and Cianfrance’s first movie together, The Place Beyond the Pines, opens March 29.

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