Entertainment Weekly has begun rolling out coverage from their Star Wars: The Force Awakens cover story, and it looks like we’ll be getting a lot more as the week continues. The first batch of new info includes a ton of new images from J.J. AbramsEpisode VII, as well as comments from Harrison Ford about reprising his roles as Han Solo and possibly Indiana Jones for a fifth adventure. We’ve compiled all the information you need to know after the jump, along with a collection of the best new photos.

Han Solo Star Wars: the force awakens

First off, here is what EW published about Harrison Ford reprising his role as Han Solo in The Force Awakens:

That’s why it stung so much when Ford showed scant affection for the smuggler — and even smacked him around a bit — over the years. He repeatedly said he wished Solo had been killed off in Return of the Jedi to give the final film in the original trilogy emotional gravity. He told NBC’s Today back then, “I was glad to see that costume for the last time.” The 73-year-old star has softened significantly now that the planet is beside itself awaiting his return in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. “I was glad that the character was still alive for me to play in this new iteration,” he says.

Ford also says that the fact that Han Solo now believes in the Jedi doesn’t mean the character will be less of a “smart-ass”:

No, there’s not an abandoning of the character. He does not aspire to the position of Obi-‘Ben’ Kenobi, nor do I aspire to be some New Age Alec Guinness. His development is consistent with the character, and there are emotional elements which have occasioned his growth. We spend a lot more time [in the movie] on his failure to master basic skills, like accounting. And accounting for his own behavior. There’s a lot of the rogue still left in Solo. Some things don’t change. … [Thirty-two] years is going to put some rings on the tree, some experience in the bank. You might make an elaborate conjecture [about who Solo is now], but I think we answer that question in the film. It’s best left answered there.

It definitely seems like Han Solo is being set-up to be the Obi-Wan Kenobi of this new trilogy, despite Ford shrugging off the comparison. Has Lucasfilm talked to Ford about the Han Solo standalone film currently set for 2018? Ford quips, “I think they’re probably talking to the young Han Solo.” As for what advice he would give the actor who takes on his iconic role, he says, “Talk to your director. Watch the movies. And welcome aboard. Make it your own.”

indiana jones

While formal discussions have not begun for another Indiana Jones movie, we know there are no plans to replace Ford with a younger actor, and director Steven Spielberg has said he’s love to work with Ford again on a fifth installment. But would Ford return for Indiana Jones 5? The actor seems excited to do another adventure:

Oh, yeah. Yeah, I’d love to do another Indiana Jones. A character that has a history and a potential, kind of a rollicking good movie ride for the audience, Steven Spielberg as a director — what’s not to like?

Sounds like we can expect an Indiana Jones 5 sometime in the next few years.

Now let’s get to the best Star Wars: The Force Awakens photos revealed in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly. Hit the next page to see them!

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