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Who and/or what is Kylo Ren? We’re guessing this is Adam Driver‘s role, and we can see that the character has a distinctive lightsaber design — not just in the crossbar hilt, but in the ragged details of the blade. These costume designs won’t give you any serious clues, but there is one thing: this design seems not only ominous, but protective. Is this derived from the need to exist in a desert landscape? There’s also a big of Eastern influence in the design of his mask.

And check out the photos below which offer the best look yet at the character’s controversial lightsaber hilt.




Finn is the perpetually-distressed (so far) former Stormtrooper played by John Boyega. (On stage with JJ Abrams he playfully danced around confirmation as to whether or not he’s a Stormtrooper. He is.) Once he gets out of that Trooper suit, he scores some duds that would look right at home in the original trilogy. He also manages to find a lightsaber, as the concept art below shows. But is he using that as a weapon, or is he transporting it? And is that Anakin’s saber?

Boyega said that “Finn is in incredible danger, and the way he deals with the danger launches him into the Star Wars universe in a unique way.” Does that unique way involve blasting his way out of a TIE Fighter hanger, as the new teaser suggests?

Boyega also charmingly revealed that did didn’t tell his parents he was cast in the film until after the cast photo was released, telling them instead that he was studying up for a role in 24. And he sheepishly asked Harrison Ford to sign a large “Han in Stormtrooper Suit” action figure for him. He said Ford growled “this is weird,” before signing it.




The heroine of The Force Awakens, and possibly the entire new trilogy, is a scrappy and determined-looking young woman on the planet Jakku. Actress Daisy Ridley explained that Rey is a scavenger in a ship graveyard, and that she is quite “self-sufficient and solitary, until she meets another character” and her adventure begins. Presumably that other character is Finn.

The costume designs below show some really interesting details. One is that Rey is holding what appears to be Han Solo’s signature blaster. Between this and the Finn concept art with the lightsaber, it’s almost like Finn and Rey are a revised version of the Luke and Han pair from A New Hope.

The details of Rey’s desert costume are terrific, with many flourishes that are recognizable from other Star Wars costume elements — the flowing white of Leia’s first costume, the Hoth-like goggles, the Tusken Raider-ready accessories — but combine for a distinctive look.


poe-rey-finn copy

On the final page, we’ll tell you what we know about the desert planet Jakku, and show off a couple costume designs for locals on that rock.

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