In our extensive coverage of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we’ve constantly referenced information gathered from The Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Visual Dictionary and the novel Before The Awakening. All three of those books are filled with a lot of information about the film. A fourth book we haven’t really talked about is Star Wars: the Force Awakens Incredible Cross-Sections.

While this book is filled with amazing beautiful cross-section illustrations created by Kemp Remillard (you can see some of the art here), the text by Jason Fry adds great flavor and world-building but doesn’t provide too much in terms of extra clues and information about the film’s story and the future of the Star Wars franchise. That said, it has a few interesting bits I’d like to highlight, including the fact that the Millennium Falcon now includes a kitchenette,a gift from Han Solo to his beloved Leia which has seemed to upset some fans. Is it a sexist addition to the Star Wars canon? Author Jason Fry has been forced to respond.


The image above is part of the Millennium Falcon cross-section from the new book, which mentions that the “crew quarters were reconfigured to include galley as wedding gift for Leia Organa.” Some fans have been upset by the apparent sexist implication of Han Solo building Leia a kitchen. Author Jason Fry has taken to Tumblr to explain the decision, which he admits “has a few folks drawing a different conclusion than what I had in mind.”

Yes, the Falcon’s crew quarters now includes a galley, and I noted in Incredible Cross-Sections that the space was reconfigured as a wedding gift for Leia Organa. But no, the idea wasn’t that Princess Leia – General Organa, for Pete’s sake – would obviously need a kitchen to potter around in, or feel the instinct to hang up her blaster and start cooking for her new husband and his Wookiee pal.

That wasn’t the idea at all. As I imagined it, the galley isn’t there for Leia to cook in – it’s there so someone else could use it to make something that Leia might want to eat. Bear with me for a little review of Falcon lore.

In fact, Fry isn’t the first person to imagine a galley on the infamous Falcon. Floor plans of the Falcon from the early days of Star Wars publishing also included a galley, but that somehow disappeared in the more recent diagrams of the ship. As for how the change came about, Fry explains:

Once I learned there would be changes to the Falcon’s layout for Episode VII – such as the bunk where Chewie convalesces – I was determined to restore the galley to what I saw as its rightful place. But in-universe the change would have to have been made after the Battle of Endor, and I needed a reason for it. Which got me thinking about The Empire Strikes Back. Since the Falcon had no galley then, I imagined that the slow crawl from Hoth to Bespin – which probably took a few months – left Han, Chewie and Leia eating whatever horrible stuff had been in the Falcon’s stores. Horrible stuff they’d have to eat off Tupperware while crammed around the gaming table, no less. Leia’s a military leader, so I don’t see her as finicky. But she grew up as a member of the royal house of Alderaan and served in the Imperial Senate. Those months eating Corellian TV dinners and reheated Wookiee goulash on the Falcon had to rankle – and I imagined that later they’d become a humorous bone of contention between her and Han. Plus the Falcon is Han’s home – as we all cheered to hear him tell Chewie back at Celebration.

Fry says this was enough “in-universe rationale for the galley’s addition” and that the gift was “meant as a humorous make-do for months of terrible food, and an awkward attempt at making his rusty, decrepit home a bit more welcoming.” And Fry adds that he always imagined Chewbacca would be the one doing the cooking. I’m not sure if this is what he originally imagined, but I buy the explanation and don’t think it’s worth all the fan attention — and it probably will never even see the light of day in the movies anyways.

After the jump we will look at some other notable inclusions in the Cross-Sections book, including details on Unkar Plutt and the Millennium Falcon, a secret in Han’s bulk-freighter and the enormity of the First Order’s Star Destroyer, “the Finalizer.”

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