If you thought the prospect of a new Muppet film co-written by Jason Segel was exciting, prepare yourself for another potential dose of awesome. Vulture is reporting that Flight of the Conchords co-creator James Bobin may end up directing the project. There’s no solid deal yet, but a Disney insider told Vulture “the movie is James’ to direct — if he wants it.” The project may seem like a perfect fit for Bobin — who also wrote for Da Ali Gi Show — but another potential directing gig with Segel’s bestest bud Judd Apatow may prevent him from committing.

The other project is Bridesmaids, an Apatow produced comedy co-written by Kristen Wiig. I’m a fan of Wiig and I think she definitely deserves more lead roles, but we’ve yet to see any comedy written by her. The film is about two women who compete to plan their friend’s wedding party. It’s an interesting concept — but a better fit for Bobin than Muppets? I think not.

His wacky sensibilities could be put to better use in a Muppet film, and he’d be taking a gamble with Bridesmaids since it could end up being just another Apatow-produced raunchy comedy. I also have a lot more faith in Segel’s ability to deliver a good Muppet film.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall director Nicholas Stoller co-wrote the Muppet script with Segel, and he was originally set to direct as well. He ended up getting busy with the Marshall spin-off Get Him to the Greek, as well as an upcoming project starring Zac Efron. I would have preferred for Stoller to stick with the film because he did a wonderful job with Segel and Marshall — which was particularly impressive because it was his first directing job.

Now that they have to find someone else to direct, Bobin seems like the perfect fit. I hope he sticks with the Muppets.

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