The final Spider-Man 3 Movie Trailer is now live on the Comcast website. Click here to watch it now (it’s rather hard to find in through the websites main menu.

The new trailer begins with an edited version of the special 7 minute clip. Peter lays with Mary Jane on the web, Aunt May gives him a ring, Harry Osbourn attacks him, a fight breaks out and Peter almost loses the ring. About 1 minute and 15 seconds in the trailer strays from previous trailers. We see a bunch of new footage, but most importantly we see the black symbiote goo take over Eddie Brock (Topher Grace). And we get some clips of Spider-man’s battle with Eddie Brock/Venom above the New York skyscrapers. Very cool stuff.

Check it out now at this link.

Below we have a few screen captures from the new trailer. As always, click on any picture for a bigger version.


Thanks to SHH for the new artwork in the header.

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