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Tom Wilson may not be happy about the comparisons being made between the alternate 1985 version of Biff Tannen in Back to the Future Part II and presidential candidate Donald Trump (even though it’s Bob Gale who says the character was inspired by the real-life mogul), but he did take the time to say where his inspiration for the character came from. In a rare interview with THR about Back to the Future, Wilson says:

“A thin and sickly kid, I was pushed around and beaten up by bullies throughout my childhood, until I grew bigger than everybody and it stopped. I knew very well how they operate, and specifically the joy they take in scaring people. I’d stared them in the face so often that it wasn’t particularly challenging to do an impression.”

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There are five Back to the Future cafes, like the one seen above, open in Japan. Check out images from some of the other themed restaurants over at That’s Nedalicious.

Watch this lost 1989 commercial for Mattel’s hoverboard before it was pulled from shelves:

1985 summer movies

With all the Back to the Future nostalgia on display this week, you might find yourself wanting to visit some of the iconic locations where the time travel adventure was shot. Thankfully, Curbed Los Angeles has put together a map of locations you can check out in California, from Hill Valley High School to Doc Brown’s garage to the McFly household. Plan a Back to the Future road trip!


The above comic from CommitStrip explains why Doc and Marty never arrived in 2015 this week.

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