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  • Zack Snyder will develop video games for Electronic Arts
  • $500,000 Christian Faith-based film Fireproof shocks everyone by making $6.5 million on opening weekend.
  • Dell Computer’s genius plan to overtake Apple iTunes is to sell Iron Man preloaded on new computers
  • Alan Ball has two new projects in the works, a dark comedy about a female vigilante and a 1930’s screwball sex comedy.
  • Adam Quigley takes a look at this week’s DVD releases in This Week in DVD
  • Television director Anthony Hemingway will direct George Lucas’ Red Tails
  • Jon Favreau provides some insight on why some Superhero adaptations fail
  • I’ve lost all hope in Sony’s “West Coast Cloverfield” as hack director Jonathan Liebesman has been hired to direct Battle: Los Angeles
  • Oliver Stone is unsure audiences will buy tickets to W.
  • MSNBC gives a video tour of a premium movie theater which charges $35 per a movie ticket
  • Netflix added thousands of Starz movies to their Instant Streaming service. The company also says that Watch Instantly will finally be Mac compatible by the end of the year.
  • Director Larry Charles Says NC-17 Motley Crüe Film, The Dirt, Isn’t Happening. Also, New HBO Series with Kayne West.
  • Iron Man becomes the biggest Blu-Ray release of all time in just 48 hours


  • HBO is developing Americatown, a series about American immigrants in 2040
  • David Gordon Green’s television series Good Vibes has been picked up by Fox
  • CW will shoot a pilot for The Graysons, a series which will follow Dick “DJ” Grayson and his family, in the days before he becomes Batman’s sidekick Robin.
  • JJ Abrams’ Fringe has been picked up for a full season
  • The Steven Spielberg-produced Diablo Codyscripted United States of Tara will premiere in January
  • DirectTV’s Poltergeist commercial features dead actress Heather O’Rourke

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