Miles Teller as Reed Richards in Fantastic Four

And in case you need further clarification that there were a bunch of changes made to the movie, screenwriter Jeremy Slater wrote this on Twitter:

And if that wasn’t enough, here’s some B-roll footage that shows there was a sequence seemingly involving flying a version of the Fantasticar back to the planet where they obtained their powers (via Collider):

If you don’t want to watch the video, here’s the shots that show the Fantasticar:

Clearly it’s a makeshift version of the vehicle, which would have made for a cool payoff from Reed Richards’ teacher teasing him about the flying car he was working on when he was a kid, but this sequence didn’t make it into the movie.

It looks like there’s some key character development with Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell) and some other action sequences that didn’t make their way into the final cut. The question is just how much would this have changed the overall movie? Is there a more cohesive story here? What are we missing? And if you want more food for thought, why do the posters feature the Fantastic Four in New York City with buildings crumbling and asteroids falling?

That’s definitely something weird to have in the marketing when nothing like that happens in the movie.

The sad part is that we’ll likely never be able to see what this other cut of the film would have looked like, especially with all the drama surrounding the production that we just talked about. So unfortunately we have to accept that this adaptation of Fantastic Four didn’t work, and wait to see what 20th Century Fox does next.

What do you think about the new Fantastic Four? Do you want to see this alternate cut that exists somewhere?

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