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Chris: Michael Shannon and Ashley Judd slowly go absolutely crazy (or should I say bugnuts) in William Friekdin’s nasty, skeevy, stripped-down thriller. Judd strikes up a relationship with Shannon, and soon the two are sequestered away in a motel, growing more and more paranoid about bugs under their skin. Things get increasingly unpleasant as the story progresses. You won’t forget it. 

Matt: I’m a bad film watcher who still hasn’t seen Bug. It released the year before I got into film journalism and dove headfirst into an “everything and anything” approach to horror. I’ll get there.


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Chris: I’m so-so on Mickey Keating’s movies. And even Darling has plenty of flaws. But this slow-burn, highly-disturbing character study excels thanks to the stunning lead performance of Lauren Ashley Carter, playing a deranged young woman inhabiting a spooky old mansion. The entire film rests on Carter’s shoulders, and she never disappoints. 

Matt: I’ve never seen a pair of eyes act so well, and that’s not a dig at Lauren Ashley Carter. I’m being honest. In a black and white, silent film, Carter’s glares tell their own story. Hypnotic stuff.

A Dark Song

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Chris: An utterly haunting film that would pair perfectly with Hereditary. A woman hooks up with an occultist with the hopes of contacting the dead woman’s son. To do so requires grueling prep and harsh rituals that would drive a sane person running for the hills. 

Matt: I remember the ending shot of this film so vividly, which is not to say the rest of the film is a waste. Instead, it’s a lesson in how you pay off slow-burn whimsical horror with an occult twist.

The Endless

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Chris: Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead are the best at what they do: crafting weird, time-bending curiosities that are both creepy and heartfelt. They’re at the top of their game with The Endless, playing two brothers who escaped from a death cult so many years ago. That doesn’t stop them from taking a road trip to visit the cultists they left behind, though. It’s a trip that will test their very sanity, and open doors to entirely new worlds. 

Matt: Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead are two of my favorite filmmakers on the planet. The Endless is up there with their best. Existential dread like a beast.

You’re Next

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Chris: A violent, funny home invasion film with a killer lead performance from an ass-kicking Sharni Vinson, Adam Wingard’s You’re Next is full of big, bloody moments that keep you enthralled. Nothing is as it seems here, and one of the fun things about this film is the way it doles out info little by little, giving you a bigger picture of what’s at play. 

Matt: Chris is just picking all my favorites this week. You’re Next is the kind of flick I throw on whenever in need of immediate comfort. Never lets me down. The blender kill alone, y’all.

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