Our first glimpse at the titular Grindelwald in the trailer is a fleeting image of his back. He stands on a stage (at trial?) with his ally Vinda Rosier (Poppy Corby-Tuech).

Wearing a darker bob and a darker coat, Tina Goldstein is back. We last left her at the docks of New York City, where she bid Newt goodbye and made him promise to send her his book.

In this trailer, Tina appears to be attempting to be discreet, sneaking about London or Paris. Judging by the statues behind her, she may be near where Newt and Dumbledore first meet.

Jacob Kowalski (Dan Fogler) has returned! Despite having his memory erased at the end of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, our favorite New Yorker No-Maj is back. He seems just as confused as he was before he discovered magic, so this may show Jacob on the cusp of regaining his memories.

Newt seems to have no qualms about throwing Jacob back into the fray with his animals and his new mission. The two of them pack up to go to Paris, in a hurry and soaking wet for some reason.

Speaking of returns, here we get a glimpse of Credence (Ezra Miller) learning to control his Obscurial powers. He appeared to have died at the end of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, but he is quite alive in the sequel. Not only has he gained control of his destructive powers, he has also gained a new friend, a Maledictus witch played by Claudia Kim. A Maledictus is a person whose blood was cursed, leading them to turn into a beast. Credence and the witch seem to have found kindred spirits in each other.

Here we get our first look at the Paris Ministry of Magic, constructed to look like a series of glass domes. It actually calls to mind the Louvre, the famous French museum that features a beautiful glass pyramid.

And in the French Ministry of Magic, we see Queenie Goldstein (Alison Sudol) snooping around. Queenie proved to be a perfect ally to Newt for espionage work, using her natural power of Legilimens to read minds.

Here we have a beautiful shot of an ethereal dance performance at a ball. It seems to have little to do with the film — except for one of the party attendees.

Leta Lestrange! We get our first full shot of Leta Lestrange in party garb, admiring the performance before shifting her eyes. No wonder she seems suspicious: Leta hails from the Lestrange family, an ancient pure-blood family that looks down on Muggle-born and half-blood witches and wizards. Because of that, they practice inter-marriage within a small pool of elite pure-bloods. Many of the pure-blood families would end up allying with Voldemort decades later in his attempt to rid the world of half-bloods — including Leta’s descendent, Bellatrix Lestrange.

But Leta may be bucking the trend, currently engaged to Thesus Scamander, a wizard with questionable blood status. And she has a past with Newt, who still harbors feelings of love for her, keeping her picture in his case.

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